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Hey Folks

The Lord didn’t give me a verse this morning for my weekly devotion. Let his will be done, not mine. I can share with you that my second book is finished. I’m just deciding when it would be economically feasible to self-publish. I’m also deciding whether I’m going to stick with Xulon Press or switch to WestBow Press. I’m leaning toward WestBow and they have a sale going on right now.

This next book of mine is very unique. Most Rapture, Tribulation books and movies focus on the horrible time people will have if they are left behind in the Rapture (being caught up to meet Jesus in the Air, and then ascending into Heaven). My book looks at the continuing life of a raptured man, his ascension into heaven, his life in heaven, his return with Jesus to Earth for His Millennial Reign and finally the destruction of everything, followed by God making a New Heaven and New Earth. I hope it both entertains and inspires. Heaven is the place to be, so don’t get caught in the hapless position of being left behind during the Rapture.

May God bless each of you!

David Lee Brown

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