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The Moon God, Allah

"Deuteronomy 4:14-19 & 7:3, II Kings 21:3-5, Zephaniah 1:1-6

“And they shall spread them before the sun, and the moon, and all the host of heaven, whom they have loved, and whom they have served, and after whom they have walked, and whom they have sought, and whom they have worshipped: they shall not be gathered, nor be buried; they shall be for dung upon the face of the earth.” Jeremiah 8:2

God forbade the people of Israel to worship anything God created, including the sun, moon and stars. God, the creator of everything is the only God and the only god worthy of worship. He warned Israel to beware of false gods prior to the host of Israel entering the Promised Land and several times after that, because they on several occasions worshiped false gods, including the moon god, Sin. Depending on which region of the Middle East you lived in this moon god had other names too, like: Nanna, Suen and Asimbabbar. The name Suen was shortened to Sin, and the god Sin was worshipped from Turkey throughout the Middle East including Persia, Arabia and Egypt. The center of moon god worship was in Northern Arabia at Mecca.

So, why am I sharing this with Christians? Well, the moon god whose personal name was Sin also had the title “Allah”. Allah is an Arabic compound word using Al “the” and ilah “god”. The Arabs used Allah to refer to “the god”, but they didn’t mean the only god, they meant the supreme god. The supreme god of a pantheon of 360 gods and the moon god Sin was Allah “the god” of all other gods. Allah was the husband of the sun goddess and the stars were his daughters, according to the mythos of the moon god cult. Allah was the judge of gods and men, and his symbol was the crescent moon. If you’ve noticed, the crescent moon adorns mosques throughout the World and flags from many Muslim countries. Archeological finds by archeologists like G. Caton Thompson 1944, Wendell Phillips, W.F. Albright and Richard Bower in the 1950’s, and Arnaud, Halevy and Glaser, made verifiable discoveries in Arabia, confirming the moon god was referred to as Allah.

The god that Mohamad used to spawn his new religion was the highly regarded moon god of Arabia and the Middle East. This made this new version of Allah more palatable to the Arabs. Mohamad’s claim that his monotheistic god Allah was the same god as the God of Israel made it possible for him to proclaim that Abraham was the patriarch of Islam. We know that can’t be true, just by the nature and character of this Allah of the Quran. We can now also know that Allah started out as the deity of the moon god cult. Archeological evidence places the center of moon god worship in Mecca, which is also the center of worship for Islam. The Kabah or Kaaba is a rectangular structure containing a black meteorite that the ancient moon cult worshiped and it became the eastern cornerstone of the Kabah. Now a piece of it resides in a silver frame in the Kabah. Today, millions of Muslims make pilgrimages to Mecca and march around the Kabah, stop to pray, kiss and worship the black stone or “Hadschar al Aswad”, which is a meteorite that fell and was worshipped long before Islam, as part of moon god worship. This is not only moon god worship, but meteorite worship, and many meteorites have been worshiped worldwide, but this is the most famous one. These Islamic rituals are moon god worship rituals – unmistakably.

History & Myths concerning the Black Stone

“When Mohammed, with his intense iconoclasm [striping people of their religious faiths], came down upon Mecca and took the sacred city, he either for reasons of policy, or from feeling, spared the ancient worship of this black stone. Entering into the sacred enclosure, he approached and saluted it with his staff (where it was built into the corner of the Kaaba), made the sevenfold circuit of the temple court, returned and kissed the stone, and then entered the building and destroyed the 360 idols within it. Today that stone is the most sacred jewel of Islam. Towards it each devout Moslem is bidden to look five times a day as he prays. It is called the Right Hand of God on Earth. It is reputed to have been a stone of Paradise, to have dropped from heaven together with Adam. Or, again, it was given by Gabriel to Abraham to attest his divinity. Or, again, when Abraham was reconstructing the Kaaba that had been destroyed by the deluge, he sent his son Ishmael for a stone to put in its corner, and Gabriel met Ishmael and gave him this stone. It was originally transparent hyacinth, became black by reason of being kissed by a sinner. In the day of judgment it will witness in favor of all those who have touched it with sincere hearts, and will be endowed with sight and speech. The color of this stone, according to Burckhardt is deep reddish brown, approaching to black; it is like basalt, and is supposed by some to be a meteorite.” Professor Hubert A. Newton,

How did Mohamad and the purveyors of Islam get millions of people to accept a moon god from a pantheon of 360 pagan gods as their monotheistic god? Well, Mohamad took the god that was the most revered god in the Middle East, proclaimed that Allah was the only god and then forced or coerced people to follow his new made-up religion of Islam. Those that would not convert were demoted to second class citizens, forced to convert, or killed for not converting.

The moon god Sin, who was proclaimed “Allah” by the ancient moon god cult, was just one of many pagan gods until Mohamad pushed forward his new monotheistic cult of Islam. It is a cult that is now threatening the worldview and lifestyles of Millions.

I also took the time to review the refutation of these claims that I’ve written above, from an Islamic apologist. He was very eloquent and learned sounding, but there was something wrong, actually several things. 1. His refutation was massive, as if he wanted to produce sensory overload in the reader in order for the reader to say, “Look at this vast array if information – it must be true, just because there is so much “evidence”. 2. The evidence was contrived, with much of it appearing to be completely irrelevant. 3. Islamic scholars are taught to use deception in order to further Islam or refute those that don’t believe Islam. 4. Most importantly, his refutation did not reconcile with Biblical Scripture. So, I must conclude that what I wrote concerning Allah is essentially accurate.

As Christians, our job is to share Christ and His good news with all people, including the people of Islam that would love to kill us. We are to share this gospel with humbleness and respect. Please use what you’ve learned here to reach out to Muslims. They need Jesus as their Lord and Savior just as much as you do.

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

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