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Bible Mission Baptist Church

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I have a new friend in Myanmar (Burma). He is Pastor Thomas Lian, the pastor of Bible Mission Baptist Church in Kalemyo, Sagaing, Burma. He was called by God to minister to the people of Sagaing. So, to the best of my knowledge, he is a true church planting missionary. Because the primary enclaves of Baptists are in the Myanmar states, Chin and Kachin with the region of Sagaing situated between them. Only 6.5 percent of the nation is Christian. The majority of the people are Buddhists. The city of Sagaing is in the far south portion of the Sagaing region beside the Irrawaddy River. The city of Mandalay is across the river and slightly north of Sagaing.

The city of Kalemyo, Sagaing is near the Burmese State "Chin, Burma." In the following paragraphs, I’ll share information gleaned from the Bible Mission Baptist Church website. I believe that God’s mission through Pastor Lian, and the ministries of Bible Mission Baptist Church, is a true testimony of the power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In a house that Pastor Lian and his wife rented, they began providing Bible studies in 2016. Consequently, in 2017, they gave their house church a name and called it “Bible Mission Baptist Church.”  God blessed their labors and added additional church members. Every year, the Lord adds new members to the church, and the church is progressively growing. The website describes the church as “Conservative – Evangelical – Baptistic – Dispensational – Non-denominational.” And I say, praise the Lord!

Bible Mission Baptist Church Mission Agape Children Center

According to its website, the Agape Children Center began in 2018. It was established to give free education to poor children and show them the Love of God. Agape Children Center has also provided opportunities to reach the children’s parents for Christ.

Pastor Lian rented a house and established the Agape Children Center with three volunteer teachers. It is an excellent opportunity to serve these children and also tell them about the love of God. Agape Children Center seeks to benefit every aspect of children’s lives through free education, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as positively impacting their community.

Bible Mission Baptist Church Mission Freedom Bible Institute

The Freedom Bible Institute began in 2016 without any resources. By faith, Freedom Bible Institute instructs committed men and women of God. But their specific mission is to train these committed disciples to reach out to the unreached people groups of Myanmar. Pastor Thomas’ family and the students stay together in a rented house in Sagaing. So, their home is also their classroom and dormitory for these young people that want to learn, grow in the Lord, and go out to share the Gospel. “19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:Matthew 28:19

Although few, with just a handful of students, the Freedom Bible Institute continues faithfully teaching the Word of God. The Lord provides for their needs, and the training enriches the students. The noble mission of Pastor Thomas Lian, his wife, and three children is noteworthy. So, I hope and pray for all of their ministries. I pray that God blesses all the families and students, as well as their community.

The Pastor of Bible Mission Baptist Church

Pastor Thomas Van Thawm Lian was born in Myanmar in 1984. “He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord in 1997. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Biblical School of Theology, Yangon, Myanmar. He received a Bachelor’s and a Master’s of Divinity from South India Baptist Bible College and Seminary.”

“He was married to Priscilla Van Thiam Nei Kim in 2014. They’re now blessed with two daughters, Junia Van Nei Sung and Susanna Kim and one son, Hanan Lian.”

From what I know of Pastor Lian, he knows that the Lord has called him to go and reach the unreached people in Myanmar. He has answered God’s call to preach the Gospel faithfully. Pastor Lian also Preaches using the well-established King James Version. He has established missions that reach the youth, young adults, their families, and also his community for the Lord Jesus Christ. And also, by planting new Baptist churches in Myanmar. ​I know very little about Pastor Lian, but I’m impressed and would love to learn more about this fine man of God and his family.📷Pastor Lian with a boy being Baptized

Contact Bible Mission Baptist Church

If you would like to help Pastor Lian through prayer for his ministries or certainly through financial contributions, please contact him. I’m sure, there are many other ways you might help, so please contact him to find out what they need.

Address: Pastor Thomas Lian

32/3, Mingalar Oo Yin Branch

Kalemyo, Sagaing, Burma 02091

Phone: +95 9 257 563 117 Email:

Pray for Bible Mission Baptist Church, Agape Children Center, and Freedom Bible Institute

Lord, please bless Pastor Lian and his precious family. Bless his ministries. Bless his students and also bless the people of Myanmar. Please give them a strong desire to learn about you, Lord. I also ask that if anyone has the resources to help grow these fine ministries of Pastor Lian, that you have them contact him. Please shower these resources on these ministries to help them grow. I ask also that you bring multitudes to the saving knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ through these ministries. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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