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Creation and a Little Wooden Boat

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I love to build things. But what does that have to do with Creation and a Little Wooden Boat? Well, it’s a principle you can learn from the Book of Job in the Bible. The principle is that God is perfect in every decision he has made or will ever make. This can be a hard principle to understand for most people, even Christians. Because God gave us free will to decide things on our own. But He also provided us the Bible so that we can understand His perfect Devine will. Our choice is – do we obey God’s will or choose to go with our own will? I hope this little illustration using a little wooden boat will help you understand this principle a little better. Specifically, understand that God is perfect in every decision he has or will ever make.

Creation and a Little Wooden Boat

I took old pieces of lumber, glue, and polyurethane and made a little wooden boat. I, as the creator of this little wooden boat, have the authority to do anything I want with my little wooden boat. I can display it on the mantle. I can set it afloat on a pond or give it away. But I can also burn it in a fire or beat it to smithereens with a hammer. So, I can cherish my creation or destroy it at my leisure and in accordance with my will. Why? Because it’s my creation and I have complete control of its fate. The creator has complete control of the creation.

Job is the oldest book in the Bible – written about 4,000 years ago. But its wisdom is true and forever relevant. The book Genesis wasn’t written until over 400 years after Job.

“Moreover the Lord answered Job, and said, Shall he that contendeth with the Almighty instruct him? he that reproveth God, let him answer it. Then Job answered the Lord, and said, Behold, I am vile; what shall I answer thee? I will lay mine hand upon my mouth.”

Job was saying, “Sorry for questioning you, Lord. I should be ashamed of myself – I’m shutting up now.”

The Little Wooden Boat Thinking for Itself?

Just imagine if the little wooden boat had the ability to make decisions and choose to follow its own will. The little wooden boat says to its creator (me). “I don’t want to sit on the mantle. I want to float free on the pond, or better yet sail down a fast-moving brook.” I, as creator, may acknowledge the little wooden boat’s wishes and even grant its wishes. But what if the little wooden boat decided it wanted to be thrown into the fire? Should I, as creator, allow the little wooden boat to choose destruction? Should I explain the consequences or even refuse to allow it? Logic and a kind heart would make me say, “No, I will not toss you into the fire, because it’s not good for you and I would mourn your loss.” I must protect my creation from itself.

God’s Creation and a Little Wooden Boat are Similar

God loves His creation so much that he gave His only Son so that we could have an eternal relationship with God and eternal life. God loves us so much that he gave us the Bible as an instruction manual for life. If we accept Christ as Lord and Savior and follow the teachings of the Bible, we will have an abundant life. Following God’s will is ultimately the best thing for us because His will, as our creator, is perfect and always seeks good for us. If we choose our own path, we often go down paths that are unhealthy, sinful, or destructive.

So, why did God give us free will? Well, it was so we could choose to follow Him. So, free will gives us the opportunity to follow God down the straight and true path. The path that leads to joy, fearlessness, and abundant life on earth. Followed by perfect peace, fulfillment, joy, and eternity in a perfect place with a perfect God.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

We were created by God, so we belong to God. We are not our own. Even if a person doesn’t believe in God, they still belong to Him because they are His creation.

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