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King David Book Cover
King David



“King David” is a fast-paced science fiction story with epic battles, galactic conquest by a benevolent King, and a timeless love story. The story begins with an average man named David Riley, who is thrust into his role as the depository of all the knowledge of an alien race called the Marioda. An amulet not only downloads all of the knowledge of the Marioda into David but also gives him immense strength, speed, intellectual abilities, and powers. David uses these new attributes to defend himself, his family, his world, and the entire galaxy. He visits strange planets and people and always tries to do the right thing but occasionally fails. He stays true to himself, his wife, and his people through it all.

This book was originally written as a secular book, but I extensively modified it in order for it to reflect my current Biblical Worldview and honor my Lord and cherished friend, Jesus. 

Transfigured to Serve Book Cover
Transfigured to Serve



“Transfigured to Serve” explores the fictional life of a Christian man, Samuel Gideon. It provides a glimpse of his life before, during, and after the Rapture. It shares his experiences and service in Heaven. You are carried along with him as he prepares for the Lord’s return and Millennial Reign. You cascade out of Heaven with Christ, Sam, and the Saints and Angels of God as they return to Earth for Christ’s 1,000-year Reign. You witness Sam’s service during the Millennial Reign and the lives of those that were left behind during the Rapture. You see how their decedents progress. You experience the final release of Satan from his prison in the bottomless pit and his swift corruption of humanity, and then the final battle for Earth. You will visualize the destruction of Earth and the glory of the New Heaven and New Earth after the miraculous victory over Satan and his forces. You will experience the grandeur of the New Jerusalem, which becomes the final capital of the New Earth, created by God; the glorious dwelling place of God, his Saints, and Angles. This work of Christian fiction is based on scripture and prophesied events. I pray that you enjoy my book and glean a new perspective on the End Times revealed in the Bible.


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