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Where Are They?

Rapture of the Church


If multitudes of adults and possibly all the infants and toddlers are missing from the earth, PLEASE READ THIS.


What you just experienced was the Rapture, which means to be caught up or snatched up.  The Bible-believing Christians that have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior are gone.  All the children of the entire earth that are too young to be accountable for their own actions, were also caught up or snatched up to meet Jesus and follow Him into heaven.  You have been left behind. 

1 Thessalonians 4:17

Why would a loving God leave you behind?  Well, He really didn’t leave you behind.  You actually refused to go.  When you failed to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior by faith, you were essentially saying, “I don’t need you, God.  I can live this life without you.”  In other words, by omission, you asked Jesus to leave you behind, so please don’t blame God.  You were left behind because you decided that that was what was best for you.

The world is in chaos.  So, what’s next?  You have a perfect opportunity to accept the Lord right now.  Pray to the Lord, Jesus, confessing that you are a sinner, asking for forgiveness, and believe with all your heart that Jesus died for you and then rose from the dead and is alive and well right now, sitting at the right hand of God, then accept his free gift of grace through your faith in Him.  Please look at my salvation page and find a Bible to read and study if you need more information.  If you delay, you will be strongly deluded when a very wonderful savior-like person comes into power.  Christians and the Bible refer to him as the Anti-Christ.  He will appear to be a savior but will eventually turn on you, so please beware.


You will soon be going into the Tribulation, where many horrible things will occur, and then you will proceed into the Great Tribulation, with each of these tribulations lasting 3½ years.  The seven whole years of Tribulation will probably not start right away.  It may be weeks, months, or even years before the tribulation starts, but the primary prophetic sign is the signing of a peace treaty by Israel and others to allow the Jews to start building the new Temple in Jerusalem.  The seven-year trip through hell on Earth clock will begin at that moment.


Strategic planning for those left behind.


  1. Gather an extensive first aid kit, emphasizing antibiotics and antibiotic ointments.  Don’t forget the artificial tear eye drops and lots of clean bandages and tape.

  2. Find a fortified basement and further fortify it, and please arm yourself.  Find a weapon that you are comfortable with, get plenty of ammunition, and keep it close to you.

  3. Our currency will be worthless, so learn to make things people need, using them to barter for what you need.

  4. Find a Bible and read and study it.


    If you survive, accept our Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior and avoid any mark or implant that is required to buy or sell anything, including food.  Hide, gather, and train believers and be ready for the 1,000-year reign of Jesus.  He will be here on Earth and will be in charge of the entire planet after 7 years of tribulation.  So, hang tough, forage for food and water, read, study, and share what you learn from the Bible, and pray from the depths of your heart and soul that you make it through the tribulation.


May God bless and keep you, In Jesus name, Amen!

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