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The Hope that is in us

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (1 Peter 3:15)

Sorry folks, but I need to step back up on my soapbox and pontificate. Why would people believe in a theory that is unprovable, roughly 200 years old and obviously false? The world around us and every category of science screams, “That’s Crazy,” but people believe the goofy theory anyway. Why?

The goofy theory I’m talking about is the theory of evolution or Naturalism. The notion that everything we perceive with our senses all came about through mindless, uncontrolled “natural” causes. Goofy is probably a little politically incorrect, so let’s just say misguided theory. Why don’t I believe in this misguided theory? Well, microbiology teaches us that evolution is impossible. Inorganic materials cannot ever spontaneously spring forth into life. It’s not possible. Inorganic material would have to spontaneously, without guidance of any kind, form amino acid molecules and other molecules and those molecules would have to mystically, magically organize themselves into proteins and other substances necessary for that first imaginary living cell – the holy grail of evolution. This would have to happen without any guidance, in a sea of chaos and randomness. Order is impossible without information – DNA is information – you can’t get information without DNA, and you can’t get DNA without the Author of the information programing the information into the irreducibly complex programing within DNA. Therefore, life from chaotic, unorganized lifelessness is impossible.

The Law of Biogenesis is a tried and true Natural Law, absolutely proven in innumerable experiments. This law clearly confirms that life must come from life and can never come from lifelessness (inorganic materials). Every scientist that knows anything, knows this, so why do they reject it for a fallacious theory that is obviously impossible? They reject it out of pride and lust. They refuse to believe that there is an almighty God that created and sustains everything. They do not want to have to answer to anyone except themselves. They want to form their own morality. They want to take responsibility for their own thoughts, ideas, actions and fate. Because of our sin nature, we all follow this path to an extent. It is part of our nature, a nature inherited from the original man and sinner, Adam.

Evolution or Naturalism is a faith based religion that is based on an unprovable lie, resulting in a completely blind faith. Christianity, on the other hand, is a reality based faith. God is a living God that brought forth life supernaturally, but well within the natural Law of Biogenesis, because life came from our living God. Life on Earth is irreducibly complex, and so far beyond our understanding that the knowledge we have is still only a fragment of the knowledge we would need to rival God. God has no rivals. Christians and casual observers can also see the changes in people that have accepted Christ and are “Born Again” into the family of God – the changes can be subtle or profound, but the change is observable and irrefutable. The Bible is Gods eyewitness testimony to us and there is no evidence stronger than eyewitness testimony. There are many other evidences of God that are tangible and observable and if you want more of those evidences, please go to for your answers. They have a great search engine and thousands of articles that will provide the evidence you need. Christianity is not, nor will it ever be simply faith based – it is faith based, reality based and truth based.

I hope this was presented in meekness and fear (kindness and respect); my intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but to instruct and share what I have learned and observed. I pray that the Lord will open hearts and minds to the truth and that you will understand the “reason of the hope that is in” me.

Christianity is the only answer – whether you are an Evangelical, or a Messianic Jew – the truth is in God’s Word, the Bible.

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