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Bible History and Life Lessons

The Bible contains a vast array of history, life lessons, and much more. I consider it God’s love letter to humanity. Others use the Bible as an acronym for “basic instructions before leaving earth.” Both illustrations are accurate, but the Bible is much more than that. I will be brief today and just share a little bit about what the Bible is and how it can benefit you and those around you. When you read and study the Bible, it not only benefits you but every person you meet, especially if you are sharing its wisdom.

What is the Bible?

It is a collection of ancient writings in the form of books, psalms, proverbs, and epistles (letters). God wrote these various literary forms through about 35-40 authors inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. I say 35-40 because traditionally, 35 writers were attributed to the “books,” but modern linguistic and historical research has determined that as many as 40 authors contributed.

The Bible is a treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom, history, songs, and short statements of truth based on common sense or experience (proverbs).

The Bible teaches moral truths and is always accurate when it speaks of scientific facts.

Unlike other religious writings, Biblical scripture presents prophecy of future events with 100 percent accuracy. We know this because many of these prophecies have already come to pass since the time of the original writings.

The Bible teaches genuine history, as revealed by modern Archeology, Linguistics, and parallel secular Historians.

The 66 books of the canon of Biblical Scripture are a global treasure suitable for accolades, reverence, instruction in righteousness, and accumulating knowledge and wisdom. There is nothing that even comes close to its grandeur and accuracy.

Most importantly, it provides all the instructions necessary to provide a personal relationship with God, saving grace through Jesus Christ, achieving eternal life, and getting to heaven. It’s all there, but you must take the time to read, understand, and act upon its instructions.

Life Lessons

The Bible is full of life lessons, and unlike other religious books, the Bible shares the good, bad, horrifying, miraculous, grotesque, and beautiful things concerning life. It freely shares everything that happened in its historical narrative, even if that narrative conveys a horrible or sinful aspect of the person or people involved. That transparency allows you to use the information to gain knowledge and wisdom to avoid their mistakes.

I genuinely believe that any person’s question about life and living can be answered directly or indirectly by reading and understanding the Bible. It is genuinely instructional, comforting, and awe-inspiring.

Bible Life Lessons, History Conclusion

The Bible is not an old book of fables and allegories. It is a historical document with incredible accuracy, a treasure trove of life lessons, a well-spring of knowledge and wisdom, and the best-selling book of all time – and rightly so. It is a global treasure that should be read, understood, and applied to our daily lives. The Bible is the Word of our Almighty God – His testimony that shares, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.[1] God demonstrates His love for us: “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8.[2]

The only sin that can keep you out of heaven is rejecting Jesus as your Savior and Lord. All other sins or an entire life of egregious sins cannot keep you out of heaven if you repent, accept Christ as your Savior, and subsequently and purposefully give up your will and accept God’s will. In other words, make God the Lord of your life. That’s all it takes.

Eternity awaits – will you be spending it in Heaven or Hell? It is your choice, so choose wisely. The Bible can show you the straight and narrow path to heaven, a personal relationship with God, and perfect peace and service with the fringe benefits of a perfect body and mind when you reach heaven. You can’t lose choosing this path; you can only win!! Become an eternal winner today!!!


[1] Bible Gateway passage: John 3:16 - King James Version. (n.d.). Bible Gateway. [2] Bible Gateway passage: Romans 5:8 - King James Version. (n.d.). Bible Gateway.

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