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Biblical Faith & Reasoning Soul Center

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

What is a Soul Center? A Soul Center is a place where people are connected to Christian Ministry and are Christian churches or religious societies of different scopes and purposes. My Soul Center provides education about Biblical Christianity. If you ask yourself, "Is there any other kind of Christianity?" the answer is yes. Many profess Christ but have little understanding of God's Word. They tend to pick and choose what portions of the Bible to believe. This deficiency leaves them in a state of belief but without complete understanding. My calling is to help them understand the full counsel of God – the Holy Bible, and help them grow in their walk with the Lord.

Types of Soul Centers

Soul Centers include traditional local churches and fellowships, ministries, and ministry practices, like Wedding Officiating, Life Coaching, and other services. These services include prayer, discipleship, teaching, and writing ministries that teach the Word of God.

These Soul Centers are religious societies registered with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Soul Centers are registered by credentialed officiants and ministers of the Christian Leaders Alliance, found in the Christian Leaders Minister Directory. My directory listing can be found HERE. My Biblical Faith & Reasoning Soul Center will serve my local communities with local services and serve the English-speaking world through education and prayer. The leaders of the soul centers agree to a Christian Leaders Alliance Statement of Faith. I also have a Statement of Faith, which you can find on my Statement of Faith page.

Achievements Required – Soul Center Minister

As mentioned above, you must be a credentialed Christian Leaders Alliance officiant or minister. As of the writing of this article, 7/15/23, I've completed 43 college-level courses in Christian Ministry. That's 63 credit hours, and I'm not stopping there. The hundreds of hours of study and testing were all worth it. I have a greater understanding of Bible interpretation, ministry, officiant services, coaching, and much more. The best part of it is the courses are free!! You pay for official certificates and credentials, but the cost is minimal and much less than even one conventional college course at a community college. So, I had to earn this Soul Center, and I'm grateful to God for allowing me the time and determination to achieve this goal.

Biblical Faith & Reasoning Soul Center

Biblical Faith & Reasoning of Boone, North Carolina, is led by credentialed Licensed Minister David Lee Brown. David is a part-time Christian Author and Writer, Licensed Wedding Officiant Minister, and Life Coach Minister in his community.

Ministerial Services:

• Education/Teaching

• General Officiant Services

• Pre-marital Counseling Services

• Christian Wedding Officiant Services

• Life Coaching Ministry

• Prayer

My Calling

My calling is writing and teaching about all things Biblical. I completed and published my first book King David, Conflicting Worldviews, in 2013. I finished and published my second book, Transfigured to Serve, a Glimpse of Eternity, in 2014. I initially established my website to advertise my books, but I've added features over the years. I write an almost weekly Blog to share what I've learned and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I've also posted sermons, a discipleship program, and my mission and statement of faith. I've done all this to open people's hearts and minds to the saving knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Soul Center Calling

Inspired by my new-found credentials from Christian Leaders Alliance, I'm opening my heart, knowledge, experience, and skills to my community as a soul center. My Biblical Faith & Reasoning soul center will serve my church, Proffit's Grove Baptist Church, and my community through teaching, officiant services, and Life Coach services. In Jesus' name!

Who I Serve:

I enjoy writing and teaching the Word of God to bring souls to the saving knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus to the English-speaking world. I also desire to serve my community by providing pre-marital counseling and wedding services for Christian couples. I also want to serve people in my community with Christian Life Coaching services. I intend to specialize in helping pastors, evangelists, and other church leaders through Life Coaching.

My "Author" page on Facebook is at, which is also my Biblical Faith & Reasoning page. If you are a Christian or want to be a follower of Christ, feel free to join me there.

"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost." Romans 15:13

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