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Differences Christianity and Word of Faith

The differences between Christianity and the Word of Faith Movement are abundant. True Christianity is based exclusively on the Holy Bible. It’s not based on feelings, experiences, works or wonders. It’s also based on a relationship with God as clearly depicted by the scripture within the Holy Bible. The Word of Faith Movement and the New Apostolic Reformation movements diminish the truth of scripture and exults experiences, signs, and wonders. But are these experiences, signs, and wonders from God? Or, do they have a different origin?

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Differences Christianity and the Appeal of the Word of Faith Movement

These differences are so profound that to call a member of the Word of Faith Movement a Christian is inappropriate. But the Word of Faith Movement has a huge following because it provides experiences. It provides intoxicating experiences that mimic the feelings achieved through alcohol and drugs. So it provides experiences that resemble the trances induced by Hindu meditation. These experiences develop an altered state of consciousness. Consequently, these altered states of consciousness open you up to the spirit realm. Because you lose control of your own sobriety. In Christianity, God requires us to remain sober at all times. This is clearly revealed in Acts 26:25, 1 Thessalonians 5:6-8, 1 Timothy 3:2 & 11, Titus 1:8 & 2:12, 1 Peter 5:8. We are always required by God to remain alert and sober-minded.

Differences Christianity and Word of Faith Movement pertaining to God

In Christianity, God is completely Sovereign. So, our Triune God (Father, Son, Spirit as one God) answers to no one, He answers to nothing but Himself. He is completely sovereign, completely righteous, and always right. Consequently, this is clearly revealed in scripture. The Word of Faith Movement believes that God is not completely sovereign. They believe that God must answer to us and get our permission before He acts.

Kenneth Hagin has asserted, “man…was created on terms of equality with God.”

Kenneth Copland said, “God’s reason for creating Adam was His desire to reproduce Himself…He was not a little like God. He was not almost like God. And, he was not subordinate to God even.”

Morris Cerillo says “the whole purpose of God was to reproduce Himself. …you’re not looking at Morris Cerillo, you’re looking at God, you’re looking at Jesus.”

These assertions from the leadership of the Word of Faith Movement are clearly NOT Christian statements. Because a person need only to read God’s Holy Word to realize this truth. God is completely sovereign, we answer to Him, and we are just humans. We are made in the image of God and were given an immortal soul by God, but we are miniscule in comparison to our Almighty God.

Differences Christianity and Word of Faith Movement pertaining to Christ

The Word of Faith Movement greatly diminishes the deity of Christ. They also say that Jesus did not bare our sins on the cross at Calvary, but took on the actual nature of Satan himself. This is clearly not a Christian point of view. Christians believe that Christ died for everyone. Every person, from Adam to the last person that will be born during the Millennial Reign of Christ. You must accept Christ as your Savior to accept the free gift of grace (salvation).

Kenneth Copeland, in relating what Christ supposedly told him (in reality it was probably a demon), says, “don’t be disturbed when people accuse you of thinking you are God…the more you get to be like Me, the more they are going to think that way of you. They crucified Me for claiming that I was God. But I didn’t claim I was God. I just claimed I walked with Him and that He was with Me.”

That statement is a lie. Jesus did indeed claim to be God the Son (God). In Mark 14:62, when the priest asked Jesus if He was the Son of God, “…Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” When claiming to be the son of God, He also claimed to be God the Son. In other words, God (Yahweh / Jehovah).

Differences Christianity and Word of Faith Movement Conclusions

We as Christians, cannot refer to Word of Faith participants as Christians. Because the two religions are mutually exclusive. It can be said that the Word of Faith Movement is an offshoot of Christianity, but in doing so you must also realize that it is a compromised offshoot. To put it bluntly – a cult. Any religious movement that is not strictly based on the Holy Bible (with nothing added or subtracted) is not Christianity. Everything must reconcile with the Holy Bible. If it doesn’t, it’s just not Christianity.

I believe the experiences, signs, and wonders seen within the Word of Faith Movement as well as the New Apostolic Reformation movements are demonic in nature. Specifically, because God commands us in scripture to be sober-minded and vigilant. Not drunk in the spirit.

Learn More About the Word of Faith Movement and the New Apostolic Reformation

To learn more about the Word of Faith Movement and also the New Apostolic Reformation movements, I suggest you visit Get a Life Ministries and watch the Charismatic Chaos videos.

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