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Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

I completed my training as a pre-marital counselor and Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant in April 2023. As part of my ongoing ministerial training at the Christian Leaders Institute, I’m also eligible for minister certification through Christian Leaders Alliance. These are rigorous training programs and certifications. I’m also trained in ceremonies, including dedication, the Lord’s Supper, Baptisms, and others. As a Minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, I will only perform Christian Weddings between one man and one woman. I make this point very plainly because there are various secular wedding ceremonies I am not trained for and am unwilling to perform.

Weddings I Would be Honored to Perform

Christian wedding between one man and one woman

Weddings I Will Not Perform

Same-sex weddings

LGBT+ weddings

Weddings between secular participants

Weddings with participants from religions other than Christianity

Weddings with participants that are non-humans (British woman marries her favorite chandelier)

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Final Thoughts

A wedding is a precious and sacred covenant. Some denominations even consider it a sacrament. A wedding is to be a once and forever commitment between two Christians. Two loving dedicated Christians that are equal in the sight of God but with different roles assigned by God.

You can have a simple or elaborate ceremony, but the key to staying married starts with pre-marital counseling. Often the participants are so caught up in the passion of the relationship they neglect thinking about their future together. Pre-marital counseling brings out essential aspects of marriage you may not have considered. In the end, pre-marital counseling opens your eyes to the challenges and joys of married life. It also helps you answer concerns about friends, family, finance, children, and other important subjects so you can move more smoothly into married life.

I would love to provide pre-marital counseling for you and your future spouse with a follow-up session six months after your wedding. I would also be honored to serve as the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant for your Christian wedding. Call (828) 355-9253 and leave a message.

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