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Trusting in the Wisdom of God

Many people want to trust in the wisdom of mankind. They want to trust “science,” the various media outlets, and their own personal wisdom. Unfortunately, trusting in this manmade wisdom is ignorant. It shows a lack of knowledge concerning the true and living God described in the Bible. The fact is, Trusting in the Wisdom of God is the only way to find genuine and reliable wisdom. The Bible is the only source of God’s wisdom that is reliable and available. Therefore, we must rely on the Bible to be our ultimate and only source of wisdom. Wisdom – “soundness of an action or decision concerning the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.” Without wisdom, you cannot utilize your knowledge and experience to make good decisions or come to sound conclusions. So, only trust God’s wisdom.

Man’s Wisdom

  • God is who you decide he, she, or it is according to your personal wisdom.

  • Jesus was a good teacher but not God the Son.

  • The Bible is just an old book of stories.

  • Trusting the supervisors, leaders, and rulers above you is more important than obeying God.

  • Fornication is no big deal as long as it feels good and serves your desires.

  • Homosexuality is no big deal as long as it feels good and serves your desires.

  • Marxism is a good thing.

I could go on, but if you know anything about the Bible, you know that all of this manmade “wisdom” is pure nonsense.

Trusting in the Wisdom of God found in the Bible

  • God is the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, self-existent, creator, master, and sustainer of everything that is, was, or will be. And yes, He is clearly male.

  • Jesus is God the Son, and He is entirely God and fully man simultaneously. John 1:1-3

  • The Bible was written by God through divinely chosen and inspired men. The Bible is the complete and irrefutable Word of God.

  • God appointed the people in leadership above you. Paul says that we are to obey them. Romans 13. However, Romans 13 does not instruct you to blindly follow these rulers whose decisions and laws violate Biblical scripture. We must walk a fine line, but we must always obey God’s wisdom as a sanctified privilege and reject rules and laws contradicting scripture.

  • Fornication (sex outside of marriage), in any form, is a sin and is unacceptable. 1 Corinthians 6:18

  • Homosexuality (intercourse between same-sex individuals) is a sin and is unacceptable. Leviticus 18:22

  • God originally set up a Theocracy. The people were ruled over by God and followed His rules and laws. This Theocracy provided a great deal of freedom, and the rules and laws were only present to keep you from hurting yourself or others as you follow your chosen path in life. Our United States of America Republic mimics a Theocracy, as clearly seen in our Constitution. Under the guidance found in Biblical scripture, the people collectively rule to maintain maximum freedom of expression and choices. Marxism hates God, disregards His wisdom, and places dictators in charge of keeping the masses equally poor and under control, and the rulers profoundly rich and corrupt.

Trusting in the Wisdom of God

Our leadership is building their wealth on the deception and exploitation of the masses. They are achieving this through fear and empty promises. I believe the global government is forming as I write this. This global government will be an eventual dictatorship with the Antichrist in charge. In other words, Satan will be ruling over this planet. He has massive control now, but imagine his control during the Tribulation. We’re already being tracked and manipulated every day. The Antichrist will have almost complete control of everyone and everything during the Tribulation.

For non-Christians, this should be terrifying! For Christians, this should be expected because the Bible says it will happen. God’s wisdom includes 100% accurate prophecy. The Church will depart in the rapture before the Tribulation, but today, we see a vast loss of freedoms and self-determination. It gets worse every day. Christians should recognize these Biblical predictions are coming true and start sharing the Gospel with everyone that will listen. Be prepared and get those around you prepared, Trusting in the Wisdom of God.

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