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Ukraine and my Predictions Based on Bible Prophecy

Ukraine is not a country that is present in Bible Prophecy. That is very clear from scripture. But the imminent attack on Ukraine by Russian forces does have implications. So, let me share my thoughts concerning Ukraine and my predictions based on Bible Prophecy.

Prediction One

Russia will invade Ukraine. This action is strategically significant because Ukraine has the strongest standing army in the region. It has a more robust fighting force than Germany, France, or Great Britten. This attack will be a hard-fought battle, but in the end, Russia will win. This result will leave Putin, and his army emboldened. So, I predict they will not stop there. I believe they will push south. Whether that push is political or military-driven will depend on the individual nations involved. Eventually, Syria will belong to Russia. Once that happens, the stage is set for the Ezekiel prophesied war. I believe this because I do not expect NATO or any other serious opposition to these invasions by Russia.

Prediction Two

The continued implosion of the USA will render us no more than arms dealers versus combatants against Russia on behalf of Ukraine. China will do what it always does by staying neutral and worrying about its own interests. This vacuum of leadership and global policing will lead Putin and his army to run roughshod and unopposed by anyone except the Ukrainian people. I pray for Ukrainian Christians, especially because they will be the first persecuted in the aftermath.

Prediction Three

When Russia proclaims ownership of Syria, Putin will turn his eyes to Israel. He will want their wealth, natural gas, oil, produce, and livestock. He will want to plunder their wealth as predicted in Ezekiel 38:13. If this happens, all born-again Christians will already be gone. So, we will be in heaven preparing for the Millennial Reign of Christ. On the other hand, if they delay the push into Israel, this Ukrainian invasion by Russia may be the start of another regional war or a World War. We’ll have to wait and see.

Final Thoughts

This world is failing due to a lack of leadership. When the Western World abandoned God as their Sovereign Ruler, they abandoned righteousness and God’s wisdom. This profoundly stupid notion of relying on humanity’s righteousness and wisdom has left a void of leadership worldwide. Only evil reigns in most leadership positions. So, Jesus is coming soon! Be prepared! Read the Bible! Visit my Salvation Page and learn what you need to know to accept Christ as your Savior and then make Him the Lord of your life. It’s the only way to heaven and the only way to be spared from the Great Tribulation.

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