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War on Women

Women are the most brutalized people on the planet. They are physically abused, sexually abused, taken advantage of, psychologically abused, and victimized by the more radical versions of feminism. It's a war they will lose if they choose radical feminism. Radical feminism takes all the benefits of having strong men in women's lives and destroys God's plan for their lives. The only true hope for women is giving their lives to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord and doing things His way. In this article, I will share God's plan for women as recorded in the Bible, then share the war on women as defined by the world.

What is God's Plan for Women

Genesis 2:24 says, "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." God's first plan for women is to find a Godly, born-again Christian man who lives by scripture and gets married. This straightforward plan often flies in the face of feminists. They say things like I don't need a man to complete me; I can stand alone! Women can stand alone, but it's not God's chosen plan for them. Some strong Christian women were not blessed with a husband, and they will succeed if that's God's plan for them. But a woman trying to make it through life without a Christian husband or Jesus Christ in their life cannot truly succeed.

Proverbs 31:10 says, "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." God loves a virtuous woman and men should treasure a virtuous wife as a cherished partner in life.

Proverbs 31:12-31 describes a Christian woman that loves the Lord and her family. She is strong, a woman of virtue, generous to the poor, hardworking, kind, practical, wise, provides for her family, honest, loving, and a woman of integrity.

Women, in general, are precious gifts from God. It should be natural for men to defend and protect them, even if the woman rejects the man's protection. Why? Because we live in a wicked world full of evil people willing to hurt, victimize, rape, and murder women.

Transgender War on Women

The trans-woman war on women is the latest abomination. I watched a Facebook video of a woman being brutally beaten by what was clearly a man with breasts. In athletes, the distinction between the strength of men compared to the strength of women is amplified. Men are much stronger, with denser bones, thicker tendons, and ligaments, and are usually larger. Pitting a man against a woman is appalling and takes earned rewards away from women. All women, including radical feminists, should be disgusted by this and seek to legislate these pseudo-women out of women's sports.

Within the last few years, 22 states have enacted bills restricting trans athletes from competing on sports teams that correspond with their gender identities, and 20 states have enacted measures to limit transition-related surgeries and hormonal interventions, according to Movement Advancement Project.

I applaud these states and legislators for protecting women and their rights to compete against their true peers – biological women.

Human Trafficking War on Women

"The United Nations defines human trafficking as 'the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of people through force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them for profit,' and says it is practiced everywhere in the world. More than 27 million people are trafficked worldwide at any given time, according to the United States Department of State.

While boys and men are victims as well, most individuals identified as trafficked for both labor and commercial sex are women and girls. For every 10 victims detected globally, five are adult women and two are girls, according to a report released in 2021 by the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime.

The physical and mental health effects of human trafficking are serious. It can cause a loss of basic human rights, loss of one's childhood, disruption in families, and severe mental health consequences, including anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and substance abuse."[1]

"According to, "Women and girls represent 65 per cent of all trafficking victims globally. More than 90 per cent of detected female victims are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation."[2]

"The ILO also estimated there were 4.8 million sex trafficking victims experiencing commercial sexual exploitation around the world in 2016. This category includes any adults who involuntarily participate in the sex industry and children experiencing commercial sexual exploitation. 3.8 million victims were adults, and 1 million were children. Globally, 99% of victims were women and girls."[3]

Women and girls are being exploited by godless men and women, and many of the exploiters are unscrupulous women. According to the Global Report on Trafficing in Persons, "in 30% of the countries which provided information on the gender of traffickers, women make up the largest proportion of traffickers. In some parts of the world, women trafficking women is the norm."[4]

Women are exploiting women, figuratively speaking, selling their sisters and daughters into slavery and sex slavery. This exploitation is a war on women, with women as willing participants. It's godless and repulsive. They need Jesus in their lives.

Feminist War on Women

Radical feminism is a subdivision of feminism that seeks to destroy the traditional patriarchal system and gender roles. They feel this system oppresses women. Radical feminists believe that the cause of gender disparity is based on men's desire to control women. They say their push for global change in the patriarchal systems is required to achieve freedom for women.

"They also assert that patriarchal systems are in place in an attempt to gain control over women's bodies, such as laws about abortion and contraception. According to radical feminists, women are objectified, and many experience violence from men as a way for them to gain control and dominate women."[5]

Liberal feminism is another subdivision of feminism that highlights the value of freedom, which can be achieved through legal and political reform. Their ideas of liberal feminism are rooted in liberalism, a political philosophy that encourages the development of freedom. Liberal feminists say there is gender disparity because women do not have the same rights as men. They also believe that sexism is the fundamental cause of discrimination against women. At one time, this was true, but it is no longer a valid point. Feminists have fought for women's right to vote, work, have an education, and have equal pay to men. Their fight for these rights is largely won.

War on Incarcerated Women

The primary purpose of having sex-specific prisons is to protect incarcerated women from rape and other violent crimes. But some women's prisons in Democrat-run jurisdictions and other nations, like Great Britten, are now transferring violent biological men into women's prisons with nothing more than a simple statement that the felon identifies as a woman. They have no right to reside in a women's prison, without regard to how men identify and without regard to any abuse they may sustain from other male prisoners. They are not biological women! They have all the rights afforded to them as male citizens of their community, so none of their civil rights are being infringed upon. Therefore they should have no right to demand or request transfer into a women's prison.

Christian Feminism

What's a Christian's view of feminism? A believing woman seeking to obey God and walk in peace and grace should remember that she has equal access to all spiritual blessings in Christ. Paul said, "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" Galatians 3:28.

"A believing woman should not allow herself to be used as a pawn in the worldly agenda of the feminist movement. A believing man should uphold the nuclear family as the biblical model for society, promote true Christian values, and (if he's married) honor and cherish his wife and take responsibility for protecting and providing for his family. Both men and women have a God-given privilege to fulfill the plan He has set for us. Rebellion against that plan and the arrogance that seeks to put self above God's Word brings difficult consequences. We see those consequences in damaged relationships between husbands and wives, the destruction of the family, and the loss of respect for human life.

Many women today have bought into the lie that feminism will empower and free them. However, rallying for abortion, dispensing with God-given roles, and working to dismantle the family unit will bring neither power nor freedom. Protection of the innocent, obedience to God's Word, and fortification of the family are much more empowering and freeing."[6]

War on Women

Modern feminism, especially radical feminism, is a trap. It stops women from being who God intended them to be. It hampers the blessings God designed into being a woman, wife, mother, and grandmother. Unmarried women are stripped of blessings, including God's will for their lives and God's intended role for them, because they are told that feminism will free them. It actually imprisons them and makes them hate and resent men, which is not God's design.

Women are being attacked from so many angles. Feminism is an attack from within their own ranks. Women and girl trafficking for slavery or sex is another attack on women that women themselves are participating in as traffickers. Lastly, women are being attacked by the curse that, through her sin, Eve imparted to all women, including the consequence of pain during childbirth, of course, but also the curse of trying to usurp man's place as the leader in the family. God placed the leadership role on men. But God's curse on Eve for her sin pushes her to rebel against her husband, forcing him to assert himself as the household leader. You can find this truth in Genesis 3:16. The quote "and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." It means that she will want to have her husband's authority, and as she asserts herself, the husband will be forced to reassert his authority, assigned by God from the beginning.

According to Barn's notes on the Bible, "Desire" does not refer to sexual desire in particular. It means, in general, "turn," determination of the will. "The determination of thy will shall be yielded to thy husband, and, accordingly, he shall rule over thee."

Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible says, "and he shall rule over thee, with less kindness and gentleness, with more rigor and strictness: it looks as if before the transgression there was a greater equality between the man and the woman, or man did not exercise the authority over the woman he afterwards did, or the subjection of her to him was more pleasant and agreeable than now it would be; and this was her chastisement, because she did not ask advice of her husband about eating the fruit, but did it of herself, without his will and consent, and tempted him to do the same."

Pulpit Commentaries explain that it's, "Not merely a prophecy of woman's subjection, but an installation of man with supremacy over the woman; or rather a confirmation and perpetuation of that authority which had been assigned to the man at the creation. Woman had been given him as an helpmeet (Genesis 2:18), and her relation to the man from the first was constituted one of dependence."

The Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament states, "The woman had also broken through her divinely appointed subordination to the man; she had not only emancipated herself from the man to listen to the serpent, but had led the man into sin. For that, she was punished with a desire bordering upon disease (תּשׁוּקה from שׁוּק to run, to have a violent craving for a thing), and with subjection to the man. 'And he shall rule over thee.' Created for the man, the woman was made subordinate to him from the very first;"[7]

Women are only truly free if they are born-again believers following God's will. God's will and his commandment set us free.

Don't give in to modern feminism, ladies – it's a godless trap!

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