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The Rapture

The following is an excerpt from my book “Transfigured to Serve”. Picture, if you will an old fashioned country church in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with about 100 people in attendance. Then picture the pastor stepping up to the podium and sharing the title of his sermon for today.

“Almost persuaded,” he announced. Our pastor then asked us to stand for the reading of God’s Word. We all stood and he said, “Please turn in your Bibles to Acts 26:28,” and he began reading.

“Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuades me to be a Christian.”

“Thank you, you may be seated,” the pastor announced. After we all settled into our pews, the pastor began preaching, “King Agrippa…”

I was no longer in our church! I heard a loud voice that sounded like a trumpet calling, “Come Hither.” I was ascending into the air, but I was completely tranquil, not worried, no fear, just astonishment and a swift gentle assent! I looked down to see the church falling away from me as I ascended. I looked around me and saw many of those that were in church with me, including my pastor, ascending with me. Each of those ascending with me looked to be either young children of various ages or adults in their mid-20s, with impeccable athletic bodies, but despite their changed appearance I recognized each of them as my fellow parishioners. I looked up to see a multitude of people waiting in the clouds above us. Then I made an abrupt but gentle stop in the clouds, and as I looked around I saw hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of people suspended in the air with me. About 20 feet above this floating sea of humanity I saw a loan figure. He was shining like a bright star with his arms lifted up about shoulder height, in glistening white raiment. I could see him clearly, because he appeared to be only about 50 yards away and the glowing aura about him was dazzling.

“This was the rapture! We were transfigured and caught up to meet Jesus in the air, I see him! Praise his Holy name!” I exclaimed aloud. Then others began to cheer and praise Him.

Then we all collectively ascended into Heaven following our Lord Jesus, as we entered into the seat of power of the Lord’s holy realm. I saw a beautiful sprawling land, filled with trees, grasslands, farm lands, beautiful valleys, rivers, streams and rolling hills. It was breathtaking, and a few miles off I saw the city. It was enormous! That had to be the holy city; it was sprawling with glistening white walls, and its sheer enormity was awe striking.

The quotation above is a realistic version of what will happen. It may not happen during a church service. It may not even happen during the day, but it will happen. What a glorious day (or night) that will be. Amen!

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