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Angry Rant

I’m righteously angry and overwhelmingly disappointed today. We are given this beautiful world to live in and the full counsel of God, the Holy Bible, and yet humanity looks to themselves for answers. Do you know how profoundly stupid that is? We are all self-centered, errant and fallible. Yes, I’m talking about me too. Even if we know scripture, we still fail. We don’t have the answers. The discoveries we make are old distant memories of our self existent God’s perfect knowledge. We don’t know doodly-squat compared to our omniscient God. So why do people think they can supersede God’s word through their own feeble knowledge and thoughts. God is omnipresent so he knows the thoughts of every human that has ever existed and will ever exist, so how can we know something that God doesn’t know? We can’t! The thought of people thinking they know better than God infuriates me – the arrogance, the self-centeredness, the pride. Do you know how profoundly stupid that is?

I’m righteously angry at the rampant apostasy in the church, the blasphemy in main stream western society. I’m righteously angry at the cults posing as mainstream religions and false religions in general. The only religion with built in tests, checks and balances is Christianity. True Christianity follows the Bible as its only written source of divine knowledge. Everything else is a lie. The Bible was not written by man and for man, it was written by God through men for man. Any other thought about scripture is apostasy and blasphemy. Other pseudo-religions add to scripture, which according to scripture is forbidden. There have been no new revelations, no new prophets. The apostle John was the last prophet and he wrote prophesy down in what we now know as the last book of the Bible, Revelation. Jesus was a profit, but he was not only a prophet, but the creator God of everything in human form. Here for just a little while to teach, preach and die a horrible death to provide a path to heaven for people who don’t deserve it. The unwarranted favor of God we call grace. Now that’s love – selfless, giving, forgiving, generous, perfect love.

I would love to go on to be with the Lord. Preferably, by being caught up with my brothers and sisters in Christ to meet Jesus in the air and then going with him to heaven. But, in a pinch, a massive coronary event would be cool, or perhaps getting run over by a bus. I would lift up praises and honor to the Lord if a meteorite landed on my head at this point. This world is crazy, because people are crazy. They follow after their own ideas and lusts, and yes, I’m including myself. The rampant false information about naturalism or evolution – which is profoundly stupid and physically impossible – the rampant apostasy and blasphemy, and the disregard for the Holy Bible makes me want to just go on home to be with the Lord.

I love this planet God created and all the astounding features and creatures he fashioned. I love this life he blessed me with and my precious family, so I won’t leave until he calls me home, because he may have one last life I need to touch, so that His Holy Spirit can call another soul to Him. I just hope He calls me home soon, because living in this atmosphere of apostasy, blasphemy, unrighteous hatred, disregard for God, disregard for scripture, false religions, and false gods, election of showmen, liars, traitors and thieves into public office and the rampant Humanism is wearing and wearying to my soul.

Come back soon Lord or take me home, because I’m tired, dog tired. But nevertheless, Your will not mine. Lord, If you need me to stay on this sin ridden planet I’ll stay until you take me home. I love you Lord, Your perfect will – not mine. Amen!

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