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H2O Creates Life?

The following story telling by an evolutionist, J. C. Collins, PhD, shows exactly what they think. They think in terms of theory, not reality. They tell compelling stories that are without substance, speculative and unprovable. Listen to the language used below and pay close attention to the highlighted areas. You will find this type of language in all literature concerning evolution. It is story-telling, not fact!

"The purpose of the story which follows is to provide a pictorial view of how this incredible phenomenon we know as “life” might have been produced spontaneously by the surface-structuring properties of the environment in which it evolved. Of course, the probability that natural molecules could have formed spontaneously in a gaseous environment is close to zero. However, we now know that water continually forms short-lived linear elements of hydrogen-bonded water molecules in particular orientations on surfaces, that the motions of water molecules adjacent to surfaces and ions are quantized and that the quantum mechanical entanglement property of protons in water molecules might well tie components of living cells together as one gigantic molecule. In fact, dimensional analogies between linear elements of water and regulator molecules, like neurotransmitters and hormones, suggest that cavities in proteins, which originally were occupied by linear elements of water, are now occupied by regulator molecules which fit perfectly into those spaces to regulate shape and function. Furthermore, it appears that it may have been the same short-lived, kinetically-produced linear elements, by forming repetitively in particular orientations on surfaces and between charge centers, permitted proteins, nucleic acids and lipids to interact in such an integrated and harmonious fashion that they could produce the living cell.

Until recently, the paradox between Biochemical Evolution and the Second Law of Thermodynamics has had no viable explanation. However, recent studies have completely changed our concepts of the structural and structuring properties of water and the way in which it most likely drove and directed the evolution of natural molecules."

Okay folks; let’s pick this fairy story apart. First, yes, water and inorganic compounds can produce short lived molecules, but they are short lived, being easily destroyed by photolysis, hydrolysis, and oxidation. They don’t stand a chance, and can’t combine to make the vast array of molecular compounds needed to create life. A living cell is made of water, sugars, fatty acids, amino acids and nucleotides that create macromolecules, like proteins and DNA. You also need trace elements and minerals. So, the probability listed concerning the spontaneous formation of natural molecules in the above excerpt of “close to zero” very quickly becomes totally impossible when you consider that all of these specialized molecules must be present in sufficient quantities to make all the structures of a cell spontaneously, in an instant or the “cell” can never become alive – NEVER!

The rest of the excerpt uses terms like, “might, suggest, appears, could and most likely” as the author tells a story about factious events that are speculative and most of which have never been seen in nature – NEVER! In the second paragraph of this storytelling nightmare of inconsistencies, you will observe the author talking about a paradox. This paradox between evolution and the Second Law of Thermodynamics (Law of Entropy) is still an insurmountable paradox. Living organisms, planets, galaxies and our universe is constantly moving from usable matter-energy to unusable matter-energy. In other words the information in DNA cannot increase in information, but only decrease in information. A study I read said that each generation of humans possesses 1000 to 2000 new genetic errors. We are only still a living species because of the vast genetic information programed into us by God. The end result of the Second Law of Thermodynamics is the total heat death of our galaxy. That’s when all usable matter-energy is completely used up. So, when the author above says, “the structural and structuring properties of water and the way in which it most likely drove and directed the evolution of natural molecules.” he is being completely speculative and filled with wishful thinking and faith in his false god of Naturalism.

In accordance with the Law of Biogenesis, life must come from pre-existent life. God created the original created kinds of creatures with vast genetic and epigenetic information systems and from these first created kinds all the variations immerged. In other words, the first two bears had all the genetic information to diversify into all the various types of bears that exist today and that have gone extinct. The bears lost information as they adapted to their new environments and those that couldn’t adapt died off leaving polar bears, panda bears, black bears, etc., that can never again become like the first two bears, because they lack some of the information that the first two bears had, which is exactly in compliance with the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In the beginning God created is completely compatible with the Law of Biogenesis and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

In accordance with the Law of Information all information must begin with code, the code must make sense, the code must be understood by the sender and the receiver, the code must impart something and the code must have an author. The genetic code which consists of DNA, RNA and the epigenetic code is the code of life – all life. All code must have an author and the only author qualified to create such a vastly complex molecular code system is God. God is self-existent, omniscient and omnipresent and all these elements are absolutely required for the author of the code of life. The sheer vastness, variability and complexity of the code of life require, “in the beginning God created.” There is no other logical, scientific or faith based conclusion except, an all knowing God created – the God of Israel, the God of Christianity, the God represented in the Bible. There must be a God and that God must be the God of the Bible, because He is the only God qualified to be the Author of the code of life.

This may appear to be a personal attack, but I can assure you it is not. All authors of evolutionary dogma are in the same boat as the author of the excerpt I provided. I pray that each of them take time to critically think about what they believe. I pray they see their inconsistencies, speculations and theories for what they are – false doctrine. I pray they realize that the natural laws of Biogenesis, Entropy and Information prove that there is a God and that God must be the God of the Bible. In Jesus name, Amen!

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