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Simplified Laws of Information

Skeptics Would Argue

Skeptics would argue, “Why does it have to be God? Why couldn’t the author of our DNA be an advanced race of other-worldly aliens?” Well, that theory has serious problems because it begs the question, “Okay, then where did their DNA come from?” These skeptics might say, “Possibly from an even more ancient race of aliens.” At which time I would ask, “Okay, and where did their DNA come from?” The skeptic and I could go back and forth like this for an eternity. You could also do the same thing if they invoked an asteroid or comet. “Okay, where did that DNA come from?” No matter how you slice it, DNA is information and must come from a mind. I believe it comes from my all-powerful, all-knowing, present everywhere, always creator God — our thrice Holy God who is clearly characterized within the pages of the Holy Bible.

Prove me wrong!

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