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The Old Watchmaker

Once upon a time, as the last light of the sun dipped beyond the horizon, the sky appeared painted in beautiful shades of red, orange and purple. On the porch looking at the grandeur of the sky sat an old retired watchmaker. He just watched a show with his granddaughters Penny and Jenny about animals. The watchmaker was very wise and the more he thought about the show, the more he felt the need to sit and talk with his granddaughters.

He called for his granddaughters to come out on the porch and they came and sat on the porch swing beside his old rocking chair. “I want to talk to you about that show we watched together, but first I have a little story for you,” the old watchmaker said.

“One day an old watchmaker wanted to conduct an experiment. He wanted to see if the old evolutionary adage, “given enough time, anything is possible,” was true. So, he took a good, accurately running watch apart and sat the pieces on a rock. Then he got into a time machine and went forward in time 100 years. He looked at the watch parts and found that a couple of parts were missing because of wind and rain, but the other parts were still there, so he replaced the missing parts and got back into his time machine. He went forward 1,000 years this time. Many of the parts were missing and others were rusted and some were discolored and degraded by sunlight, rain and snow, so he replaced the missing parts and the degraded parts and got back into his time machine. This time he went forward in time 100 million years. He was expecting to see a fully functional and running watch when he arrived, but he found nothing. All the parts were gone, even though he replaced the rusted and degraded parts. The old adage, ‘given enough time, anything is possible,’ was not true. His watch was nowhere to be found.”

This little story has a moral. No matter how much time you provide, nothing can ensemble itself. Everything requires an idea that becomes a design that is then engineered, so that it functions properly, and then it must be expertly assembled, or it will not work. This same principal applies to living things, but living things are much more complex than anything that humans have ever designed or created. The complexity of life, the thoughts and ideas, the design and engineering, and the vast amounts of information that are required to make them work, prove that evolution cannot be right. Evolution has no ideas, no designer, no assembler of all the different parts, because there is no mind (information and knowledge) driving the reactions. In the beginning God created is the only logical conclusion; because God has ideas, he can design; he can assemble, because he has a mind, all knowledge, and is able to even create information systems. These information systems not only make life possible, but also make all the natural laws in God’s created universe work. God must provide that information, because he is the only one qualified to provide it.

“So, girls, let me ask you a few questions. Where did the show say animals came from?” Jenny piped up, “The show said that they evolved over millions of years.” “That’s right Jenny.”

Then Penny chimed in, “But you and the preacher at church say that God created everything. Are both true? Did God use evolution to create everything?”

“No, Penny, they both can’t be true. God is all powerful, all knowing, and exists everywhere always, so he would not need evolution to create. He can make full grown plants, animals, and people, without any need for evolution.”

Jenny asked, “Then why did they say evolution made all the animals?”

“Well, whether they believe it or not, everyone has a god. Some people have nature as their god, others have gods of stone or wood, others proclaim science as their god, but they really just don’t know any better. They were taught by people they trusted, so they believe what they were told instead of thinking for themselves. The God of the Bible is the only God capable of creating everything and providing the information needed for everything to come together and work the way he designed them to work.”

Then Jenny said, “So, in the beginning God created.”

“Yes, Jenny,” the old watchmaker said, and then Penny said, “All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.

John 1:3”

“Very good Penny; we can know God created, just by applying a little logic, and trusting what God said in the Bible.”

“Supper time!” was shouted from inside the house. “I hear Granny calling girls. Let’s go in and get some food.” The girls ran into the house and I followed exclaiming, “Halleluiah!”

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