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Thoughts of an old Born Again Sailor

I’m not sure what to write about today. The Lord didn’t lead me down any particular path. So, I’m going to do my favorite thing – free write about my current thoughts.

Concerning the Reformation

I learned today that Martin Luther was an extreme anti-Semite. He hated the Jews and even wrote that if people see a Jew they should throw pig manure at them. I learned last week that both Martin Luther and Phillip Melanchthon were avid readers and believers in horoscopes. Both anti-Semitism and horoscopes are not supported by Biblical scripture.

These reformers were just men. They were sinful and errant and came out of the compromised Catholic Church. We should respect them for their stance that finally allowed the truth to shine through. We should admire their intellect and tenacity in bringing more of the truth to light. We should not celebrate them for more than they were – just sinful men saved by grace. They did great things for current Christians, but in the end were just sinners seeking truth.

Concerning the World and Biblical Prophesy

The natural disasters are not only increasing worldwide, but are intensifying into bigger and better storms, earthquakes, fires, floods, plagues. Look at the news, review the geologic data, review the atmospheric data and you will see the escalation. The Bible refers to these events as birth pangs – a gradually escalating physical warning of impending judgement.

Look at the state of our world concerning sexual depravity. Homosexuals, sex slaves, transgender, drag queens being praised for their reading stories to children, schools teaching that these and other forms of sexual depravity are good and normal and it’s all raped up in ribbon of political correctness and a corrupt version of freedom of speech. The Bible speaks out against all of this and warns that this type of depravity will increase as the time of the great tribulation draws near.

Look at the Middle East preparing to explode into war in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38. The news is full of the very nations that are mentioned in the Bible as participants in this prophesied war. The truth of scripture is being fulfilled in our lifetime. Never in history have so many signs and fulfilled prophesies existed. We are in the end times without a doubt and the Tribulation is just around the corner.

Concerning the Only Way to Win

This game of life can be won. All you have to do is reject the ways of this depraved world, accept Christ as Lord and Savior and then turn from the wickedness of this filthy world and embrace the truth of God’s Word. We can’t turn from our wickedness alone. We need the indwelling Holy Spirit that comes after we are saved. If you try and wait until you are worthy or until you’re through “sowing your wild oats” or until you feel you are ready, you will be waiting too long. Don’t wait until you are eternally too late. There is no time like the present and all are welcome. Accept Christ today!

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