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Open Letter to the United Nations

Dear General Assembly,

Your neglect of some people and your obsession with other people is appalling. You glorify Islam and allow Christians to be slaughtered in Nigeria. You ignore the hate crimes of Islam and account for their atrocities as, “cultural differences” while you allow persecution of Christians in Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, the Horn of Africa and many other locations worldwide. You allow the people of Argentina to starve while you dine sumptuously.

Christians are being slaughtered throughout North Africa and Asia with the death tolls rising daily and you do nothing. You seem to be obsessed with Israel with an unequaled almost universal hatred that is clearly groundless and appalling.

As a Christian, I know all of the evils of our modern culture are part of Biblical prophecy and must take place. As a Christian I know it must happen, but I also have the love of Christ within me. As a Christian I must love everyone including the members of the UN and all those proclaiming, “Allahu Akbar.” I’m called to love those that would gladly kill me. I’m called to cherish life but cherish my future life in Heaven even more. I love life, but also have absolutely no fear of death. So, why would you want me dead? Why would you allow a Jihadist to kill me in accordance with his religious beliefs, without punishment? Interesting questions, and these are some of the reasons the UN could care less whether I live or die.

1. The UN and the powers that be are actively trying to reduce the world population to serve the elite who feel a ruling class with limited slave labor would be better than personal liberty and justice.

2. The UN wants to eliminate Christianity, because the Judeo-Christian ethic is slowing down the progression to a one world religion, one world government and unencumbered sexual perversion.

3. The UN knows that I have a voice and my voice is in unison with that of Jesus Christ. The Biblical truths, love the God of the Bible above everything and love your neighbor as you would like to be loved are thoughts that they must oppress. It’s not in keeping with the current worldview, and therefore I must be silenced.

These are just some of the reasons that my life is meaningless to the UN and to the Islamic jihadists and secular Humanists of this world. These are just some of the reasons that the UN will ignore the deliberate and unprovoked slaughter of innocent Christians everywhere.

To all those in the General Assembly of the UN, I say stop thinking of yourselves and start thinking about people. I say stop allowing some people to get away with rape, murder and attempted genocide and do more to pursue justice and morality. Specifically, Christian morality based on the 10 Commandments and Biblical scripture, because Christianity is the only religion that favors life, love and peace above everything else.

Let’s face it, the god of Islam is a false god created for a false religion based on the rantings of an illiterate dead prophet that preaches death to anyone that opposes him. In keeping with my Christianity, I can convey this truth, but still love the people of Islam as neighbors and potential Christians. What I just said about Islam, according to the Quran, means that I should be put to death by a Muslim. Only true Christianity teaches love and peace with everyone, even if their opinion differs from yours. That doesn’t mean Christians can’t defend themselves if attacked, but simply means we choose peace first. Keep that in mind and do the job you were appointed to do.

“The primary mission of the United Nations is to preserve international peace through discussion.”

This mission is not being fulfilled in a satisfactory manner, and it says nothing about ignoring the persecution of Jews and Christians. As a matter of fact, the mission of the UN is very similar to that of Christianity.

The primary mission of Christianity is to share the good news about salvation through Jesus Christ and spread international peace through discussion of Christ’s love for all people and His mandate for Christians to love everyone as they would like to be cared for and loved.

General Assembly of the United Nations, please do your jobs and do them with integrity and impartiality, seeking peace.

Have a blessed day, sincerely,

David Lee Brown

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