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Biblical Tribulation Timeline

The Tribulation Timeline has been discussed for the last 2,000 years. The Bible is true and accurate in every aspect. It has also stood steadfast against all opposition. This leads people to steadfast belief. The additional fact that all Bible prophecy has been 100% accurate leads me to conclude that the Biblical Tribulation Timeline will take place. Exactly like the Bible says it will. So, for those of you that have been left behind, what can you expect?

This passage in Matthew teaches that this Tribulation timeline will be so devastating that if God hadn’t kept it to only 7 years, all human life would be exterminated. But God shortened it to just 7 years to preserve a remnant of humanity.

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

Rapture of the Church

I’m writing this for non-Christians, because the Church – the believers in Christ, will not be present for the Tribulation. The first sign you will see concerning the Tribulation is the disappearance of all Christians, infants, and small children. Consequently, at today’s population, the population of earth will plummet from 7.35 billion to as little as 4.02 billion in the “twinkle of an eye.” This will cause untold destruction, fear, panic, economic loss, as well as many other problems. Just think about how many people are Christians and then think about their occupations. Farmers, nurses, doctors, airline pilots, train conductors, bus drivers, truck drivers, cruise ship Captains, delivery drivers as well as many more crucial professions – Poof! Gone! This isn’t even included in the tribulation, it’s just a sign that the tribulation timeline is about to start. So, just imagine the social and economic repercussions.

The Tribulation Timeline Starts

The first thing that will happen is a treaty will be signed between Israel and its global rivals. This treaty will also make it possible for Israel to build the third temple foretold in the Bible. The immediate result of this treaty will be peace in Israel. It may take months or years to get this treaty signed, so the tribulation may not start immediately after the Rapture. But if a treaty is already pending, the signing of that treaty could happen quickly. Possibly within days or weeks after the Rapture. But the Bible does not share those details. The signing of the treaty will bring on rapid change. These social, economic, environmental, as well as religious changes will be drastic and devastating on a global scale. This is also known as the Tribulation.

Tribulation Timeline War Prophesied by Ezekiel

The Antichrist will reveal himself. He will appear as a great hero but eventually, he will show himself to be evil. Then the war prophesied by Ezekiel starts. It was prophesied about 2,600 years ago. It is also a war that is a direct attack on Israel from a coalition of countries. According to Ezekiel, they will be Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Libya, as well as their allies. Currently, this alignment of countries is already poised for this war. It wouldn’t take much to start this Ezekiel war within weeks or months of the signing of the treaty with Israel.

Obviously, this prophecy predicts that the treaty will be quickly broken. The attack on Israel comes from all sides. Thus, Israel will put up a valiant fight and no other country will come to their aid. God will supernaturally preserve a remnant of Israel who will flee to the neighboring country Jordan.

The Fate of the Armies

The world is at war. The armies will turn on each other. So, while they’re fighting, a worldwide famine also begins. This combined with the war creates pestilence. In other words, there is a massive global plague. Consequently 25% of the world population dies. As I stated before after the Christians and young children depart in the Rapture, there will only be about 4 billion people left, so about 1 billion of them will die during what Revelation calls the Seal Judgements.

Those that accept Christ during the Tribulation will be killed for refusing to take the mark of the beast. There will be a huge earthquake and astrological signs. Then for a brief period, God will pause His wrath on the people of earth. Then the second set of judgements start.

The Trumpet Judgements of the Tribulation Timeline

The first judgement is a strange type of hail. It will be mixed with blood or a substance that looks like blood. Then fires start and all grass and a third of the trees burn up. The next judgement is massive volcanic eruptions and a third of the sea also looks like blood. Probably a massive red tide infection that kills a third of the earth’s sea life and also destroys a third of the ships at sea. The next judgement brings an asteroid or comet impact that makes a third of the drinking water undrinkable. Thus, the asteroid impact causes the sun, moon, and stars to not be visible for a third of one day. The smoke and dust lead to a plague of locusts that for some reason have the power to sting like scorpions. This plague lasts for 5 full months.

The next judgement releases a newly formed 2 million-man army that kills another third of the earth’s population. So, now the planet only has a population of about 1 billion people. In God’s last step to bring more people to Christ, he sends out two witnesses to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Antichrist eventually kills them. Also, during this time, the Antichrist proclaims himself God and commands everyone to worship him.

Now the Great Tribulation Begins

As if that first 3.5 years of tribulation wasn’t bad enough, now the worst part of the 7-year tribulation begins. So, the 3.5 years of great tribulation and devastation will happen as revealed in Revelation 16.

The First Bowl Judgement

The first judgement is only for those with the mark of the beast. Which is almost everyone, except a few that refuse the mark. The judgement is painful sores all over their body. Consequently, many people feel that this will be the result of nuclear fallout, but that’s speculative.

The Second Bowl Judgement

The second judgement is the death of all sea life. Just imagine the stench of death. So people will not even be able to get near the ocean.

The Third Bowl Judgement

Third, all water on earth becomes undrinkable, including rivers, as well as wells and aquifers. If you want water you have to catch rainwater as it falls.

The Fourth Bowl Judgement

Fourth, the sun temporarily becomes much hotter scorching everything and everyone. Probably due to massive solar flare activity. In anguish and searing pain, the people left alive on earth are so angry they curse God and refuse to accept Christ.

The Fifth Bowl Judgement

Fifth, everyone that has the mark of the beast is inflicted with painful sores that also causes them to gnaw their tongues in pain. There has been lots of speculation about this judgement, but the Bible’s not specific about what type of sores.

The Sixth Bowl Judgement

The sixth judgement, the river Euphrates dries up allowing the remaining armies to gather for the final conflict at Armageddon. Which will not really be a conflict. Because after the seventh judgement, which is thunder, lightning, and also the greatest earthquake the earth has ever experienced, Jesus returns. This earthquake levels every mountain and island, and Jerusalem becomes the highest point on the planet. This earthquake occurs when Jesus touches his foot on Mount of Olives near Jerusalem.

Prior to the Final Judgement and Beyond

Just before the final earthquake, Jesus, His angels, and all those that are in Heaven return. This is the second coming of Christ. While they are still descending, Jesus speaks and supernaturally the entire army gathered at Megiddo or Armageddon is destroyed. There is no Battle of Armageddon, just an army supernaturally obliterated. The loss of life in that instant creates a valley of blood deep enough to reach a horse’s bridle. Then Jesus touches His foot on the Mount of Olives and the massive earthquake takes place that levels all the mountains and islands. Thus, Jerusalem becomes the highest point on the face of the earth. At this point, Jesus starts his 1,000-year reign on earth. Also known as the Millennial Reign of Christ.

Tribulation Timeline is Fact Not Fiction

Remember, every prophecy in the Bible that has had the opportunity to come true has come true. There are still prophecies pending fulfillment. But since God has been right 100% of the time so far, He will also be right concerning the rest of His prophecies. That track record is irrefutable. Feel free to do the research and confirm my last statement. These things will happen. In my humble opinion, they will happen very soon. Watch for the disappearance of the true Christians first. I say true Christians because there are also a lot of false Christians and many who think they are Christian by heritage or affiliation. Unfortunately, they will be left behind.

If you decide that you don’t want to be left behind, it’s really easy to eternally secure your entry into heaven. You can find those instructions at Biblical Faith & Reasoning/Salvation. Just tap on the highlighted link.

This was not an all-inclusive review of the Tribulation. So if you want to know more consult the Bible and the book, The End Times in Chronological Order by Ron Rhodes.

Your Choice

For Christians, this trip through the Tribulation Timeline should make you want to share the Gospel with everyone you meet. Hence, Christians shouldn’t want anyone to live through such a horrible time in earth history.

For those that are not Christians, this should have scared the crap out of you! You should do whatever it takes to forgo this horrible time in earth history. Even though everyone should know that the Bible is true and accurate, many will think this is all fantasy and ignore my warning. Which is also God’s warning. Like me, God doesn’t want anyone to go through this tribulation timeline. But God leaves the choice up to you as an individual. You choose your own fate – accept Christ and leave in the rapture. Or, choose to reject Christ and stick around for the most devastating, terrifying, bloody period of earth history. Choose! But please choose wisely!


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