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Desire to Go Home

Every day my Desire to Go Home increases. But what do I mean? Desire to Go Home. I mean that I desire to go to heaven more every day. Not just because of the amazing time, I’ll have in heaven. Furthermore, not just because of the saints I’ll see that passed on before me. And not just because I’ll be in the presence of Jesus. I also desire to go home because of the rapidly escalating evil in this world. Part of this escalation is clearly by Satan’s influence. But much more often, it’s because of the darkening of the human spirit. Humans in most of the world are becoming almost as dark as the demons commanded by Satan. Consequently, I’m just sick of it. I long for peace. I long for kindness and I also long for service in heaven. I’m ready to go!

My Desire to Go Home Because of the Magnificence of Heaven

Heaven will be an amazing place. It’ll be filled with peace, comfort, generosity, and service. It will be a grand place of incredible beauty and light. I can imagine the singing, rejoicing, and Holy revelry. I’ll be able to walk and talk with Jesus. I will even meet precious saints that have passed on before me, like Charles Spurgeon, Billy Sunday, and Billy Graham. I’ll see heavenly architecture and beauty beyond measure. I’ll eat glorified food that will satisfy completely. The things I'm describing are mere shadows of what is truly in store for me in heaven. It will be beyond awesomely superlative.

Desire to Go Home Because of the Evil in This World

I have seen evil escalate drastically over the past 50 years. So, I can truly say that I not only see the trend but I’ve experienced it. I had a customer yesterday that I thought was a nice elderly lady. But she got flustered because she forgot to gather the information I needed and then when her computer acted up, she became downright hostile. She became very rude to me and then started cussing at her computer. She spoke like an angry drunken sailor and furthermore, I know exactly what angry drunken sailors sound like. Because I was a Navy Corpsman for 20 years. Filthy language is now accepted as normal by most people. I personally find it offensive and it demonstrates a distinct lack of imagination and vocabulary.

I see the evil of murdering babies and calling it birth control. Furthermore, I see the rampant acceptance of lies. The media lies, politicians lie, scientists lie, and the list goes on. The sheer volume and acceptance of lies have given me an overdeveloped feeling of mistrust. So, I research almost everything now. My trust is almost gone and I’m not alone. It’s absolutely tragic. Hence, I could go on and on about the evil that’s escalating in this world but you get the picture – many of you can understand.

My Desire to Go Home and God’s Will

My job as a saint of God – a born-again believer, is to live and die in accordance with God’s Will and not my own. If God still has a reason to keep me in this cesspool of a world, I will gladly stay. But wow! I want to go home. But my desire to go home to heaven is not self-destructive, it’s God-honoring. He created a place for me. A temporary place at first, whether I go by rapture or death. Then a new place during the Millennial Reign of Christ. Followed by yet another place in the city of pure gold – the New Jerusalem. There is so much ahead and I am so ready to press on. Press on to service, praise, and the glory of God’s perfect kingdom. It will be absolutely awesome!

If You Don’t Have a Desire to Go to Heaven

If You Don’t Have a Desire to Go Home than you better checkup. You better think about who you love the most, God or Family, this life or the next, this linear life or eternity. Because if you’re not ready, you need to review what’s holding you here. If you are ready – like me – you need to wait on God’s will. Because He may have bunches more for you to do here or he may call you home tomorrow. The question is – are you ready! Always be in a cleaned-up and constant state of readiness. Reject the vast escalating evil permeating our societies. Reject this trend of accepting evil as good.

The Bible holds the truth about how to act and react in every situation. Read and study to stay on the strait and narrow path, because “…wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7:13-14

Find the strait and narrow path within the Holy Bible and walk that path. The Bible shares the only path to heaven. Because there is no other path. Furthermore, have a powerful Desire to Go Home. Always in accordance with God’s perfect and Holy will.

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