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The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy go hand-in-hand. The Bible has clearly predicted the shenanigans that the world elite will perpetrate to set up and then plunge people into the Tribulation. That setup is occurring as I write this and will continue to build. The rapture will happen soon, which will allow this final reset to happen. Then the Tribulation will begin. This occurrence may sound terrifying to many, and if you are not a Christian snatched away during the rapture, it will be terrifying. Christians need only to endure this build-up toward the Tribulation, which is bad enough. But at least we have hope, and that hope of the rapture is rock solid and undeniable. So, what can we and non-Christians expect?

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy

Eight Predictions of the World Economic Forum for 2030

1. You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy

2. The US will not be the World Superpower

3. You won’t die waiting on an organ donor

4. You’ll eat less meat

5. A Billion people will be displaced by climate change

6. You could be preparing to go to Mars

7. Western values will have been tested to their breaking point

8. Eliminate Fossil Fuels

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy Prediction One

You will own nothing and be happy. I anticipate a Chinese-style merit system where people are forced to have predictable behavior. The Bible agrees because people will not buy or sell without a mark. Revelation 13:16-17. This mark means that your funds will be frozen or confiscated if you misbehave. You will not be able to buy food or other necessities. This mark will force you to capitulate and at least “appear” to be happy. This behavior modification will also include a universal salary, again, under complete control of someone other than you. The Bible has innumerable examples of people owning private property dating back to Abraham. It is Biblical to own personal property, so Christians should not give in to this “you’ll own nothing and be happy” narrative.

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy Prediction Two

The US will not be the World Superpower. For the better part of 100 years, the United States has been a superpower. But this cannot continue according to the Great Reset or Bible prophecy. Since the founding fathers wrote the US Constitution, we have been the world’s moral compass. The Constitution and other documents, as well as the spiritual beliefs of our population, have made us this moral compass. But Bible prophecy reveals that the US will not be part of Bible prophecy during the end times. So, something has to happen. I submit that it is already happening through the systematic destruction of Christian values, as well as the systematic, malevolent destruction of our economic system. Isiah 5:20 attests to that truth. What used to be called evil is now being celebrated as good.

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy Prediction Three

You won’t die waiting on an organ donor. This Prediction will sound great to many people, and if done correctly, it would be great. They have developed experimental systems that can print three-dimensional organs. Once this is perfected, you can take healthy cells from a subject and print an organ that will not be rejected. Sounds great unless your social credit score is too low and they withhold this treatment from you. Sounds great unless they use technology instead of organs to prolong your life, like mechanical organs or computer chips – things that can be remotely turned off. This uncertainty will lead to an “obedience is life” scenario that will destroy individuality, self-sufficiency, and independent thought.

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy Prediction Four

You will eat less meat. All animals produce gas as part of their normal digestion. Animals raised for food are also part of this group of animals. So, climate change touters say that we need to decrease the number of food animals to eliminate their fart production. This notion is, of course, ridiculous because vast herds of millions of grazing animals roamed North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. They didn’t hurt our environment, and there are fewer of these animals today. The Bible is clear in Genesis 1:28 and 1 Timothy 4:1-5 that humans have dominion of the earth, and all of its creatures are available to benefit humanity. In other words, earth worship is an abomination, and we should always worship God alone. Exodus 20:2-4.

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy Prediction Five

A billion people will be displaced by climate change. My feelings about this statement fall into the realm of Tribulation. During the Tribulation, billions will die due to God’s climate-related judgments to fulfill His righteous wrath. You can go to my “Where are they?” page to learn more about the specific judgments. All of these judgments will occur with or without the Predictions of the World Economic Forum.

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy Prediction Six

You could be preparing to go to Mars. I’m not sure what they’re talking about in this instance. They may be touting the outstanding achievements of humankind, as was represented by the Tower of Babel in the Bible. But I’m leaning toward a threat – if you don’t behave, you may be on your way to a penal colony on Mars as your punishment. I’ll leave that up to your imagination. God makes no mention of people colonizing other planets, so I’m sure this Mars nonsense will never happen.

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy Prediction Seven

Western values will have been tested to their breaking point. Notice that this statement is past tense. Fulfillment of this is already happening and will be complete after the church’s rapture. The church will be gone and with it the remnant of Christian values. Trust me, when they say western values, they mean Christian values. They are currently tearing down those values, and you can see it in the church. Romans 1:26-32. Churches are allowing unrepented sin in their congregation. These unrepentant sinners are not only being welcomed but glorified. God will not allow this to happen much longer. Hence, the Tribulation and its ensuing wrath of God. I believe America and the world at large are beyond the point of no return. Our only hope lies in Jesus and his imminent return for the church’s rapture.

The Great Reset and Bible Prophecy Prediction Eight

The elimination of fossil fuels. This idea is more of their climate change nonsense. Charlie Kirk put it something like this, [paraphrased] “the world should be providing the cheapest fuels to the poorest people in order to help bring them out of poverty. They shouldn’t be preaching to them about electric cars and their carbon footprint.” God gave us a vast abundance of fossil fuels to help us care for all the people of the world, but many have squandered that resource to benefit themselves. Currently, electric cars, solar panels, and wind power farms create a bigger carbon footprint than fossil fuels. I don’t anticipate that changing before or after the rapture.

We Do Have Hope!

Christians have the ultimate hope of knowing they will only suffer through the build-up to this great reset. More commonly known as the Tribulation, the great reset will not be fulfilled until after the rapture. But non-Christians can have that same hope. All they have to do is accept Christ as their Savior and then willingly serve Him as Lord. If you have any questions about what you need to know and believe, you can visit my Salvation page. Hope is available, and it’s just a prayer away!

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