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State Mandated Religion

Today children in school are told that there is no place for Jesus in our schools. They’re told that there is no place for the Bible. They’re told that they must adhere to a strict policy of “separation of church and state”. I disagree, because those that wrote the Constitution of the United States did not want religion to be separated from government and government managed programs, they wanted to make sure that the government would never interfere with the religious beliefs of the people of this great nation. That was the original intent of “separation of church and state,” to provide us with the freedom to worship, free of governmental interference. That is not what is happening today!

Today we live in a land that actively promotes state sanctioned religion. The US Government is forcing specific religious beliefs on all of its citizens, whether they understand it, believe it or not. It’s really happening and many Americans are applauding it and even encouraging it. Our government is spoon feeding us their religious beliefs. “What?” You say. “What religion are you talking about?” Well, think about it. The government is advocating that we abandon our belief in God, as it pertains to any government agency or entity. The belief that there is no God is Atheism. Our government is advocating Atheism in all government offices, schools, colleges, universities, our military, etc. Therefore, our government is in direct violation of the Constitution, because it is actively attempting to force us to adhere to a specific belief system that includes Atheism and Naturalism.

The government is striking out all reference to other religious beliefs (especially Christian beliefs) within government buildings. Teachers must teach Naturalism (evolution), but are discouraged or banned from teaching biblical creation. I for one don’t want my government dictating their religious beliefs to me or to my children in school. It is a violation of our constitutional rights and the constitutional rights of our children. I believe that, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) As a Christian I have the constitutional right to teach this to my children without my government interfering or advocating alternate religions. We have allowed the government to have too much power; power that they have no right to force down our throats through their state mandated religious belief system, Atheism, Socialism and intimidation. I will continue to teach my children my Christian worldview in direct opposition to my government and they will have to kill me to stop me.

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