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Doers of the Word

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” (James 1:22)

Hearing the Word of God is not enough. We are instructed by the Word of God to do what the Word tells us to do. James was writing to his fellow Jews that had accepted Christ when he wrote imploring them to be doers of the word. He said to not just be listeners of the Word but doers, and in James 1:23 he likened people that just listen to the word to a person who does nothing accept stare into a mirror. You can’t get much accomplished just sitting and staring into a mirror.

Being a doer of the word compels the listener to not only listen but study, understand and then do the will of God. Many people go to church just on holidays or even every Sunday, but they just sit back and listen. They leave without allowing the hearing of the Word to change anything they do. As soon as they leave church it’s business as usual. It shouldn’t be that way. The Word should change your heart and your mind, compelling you to do God’s will. It should spark you into action actively fulfilling God’s command to share the Gospel, help others, support your church and follow His will in every aspect of our lives.

We are called to not only be listeners of the Word, but also doers of the Word, lifting up and glorifying the Lord in everything we do.

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