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Underestimating the Almighty God

“And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.” (Exodus 3:14)

People underestimate God, they think of Him in human terms as if He was a person, or they think of Him as a thing. They think of Him as they think of any other presumed deity, (ex. Zeus, Allah, Oden, Mother Nature, etc.) The Almighty God of the Bible and Torah is unlike anyone or anything, and in the next few lines, I’ll try to explain His unparalleled majesty.

God is good. God is the very definition of good, because He can do no wrong. Even if it appears to our feeble minds that He is acting in an unfair manner or in a manner contrary to what we think of as good, He is still acting in our best interest. Acting in our best interest, according to His plan is ultimately good. Even His vengeance is ultimately good, because its purpose is ultimately for our good. God is loving kindness and can’t be anything else, because His very nature precludes anything else. By definition God is the ultimate self-existent incarnation of goodness and loving kindness.

God is all powerful or omnipotent. God has the power to engineer or create literally anything. He can create a simple bacterium that helps humans digest their food, or create a universe with billions of galaxies. He can destroy everything with a thought and then create everything all over again in an instant. There is literally nothing beyond His capabilities and everything is effortless to Him.

God is infinitely present or omnipresent. This is important! He exists in every minute part of the universe, but is not confined to the universe. He exists everywhere simultaneously, but that’s not all, He also exists in every moment in time simultaneously. He is present everywhere throughout space and time simultaneously. This is important, because you can’t know everything unless you exist everywhere throughout time and space and beyond the confines of space and time. When God said “I Am That I Am,” he proclaimed his self-existent, eternal nature. He had no beginning and will have no end, He simply IS.

God is all knowing or omniscient. As I said above, in order to be all knowing you must be omnipresent. God has known everything always, because He has no beginning. He will always know everything, because He has no end. He is the ultimate Scientist, Philosopher, Teacher, Father and Lord, among many other things.

Our Lord God Almighty is God.

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