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The Religion – Atheism

Atheists are about to annoy me beyond my capacity to love them. I wrote: about to – they haven’t succeeded yet. They are so afraid; like freighted little children who are afraid they are going to lose something, or something is going to be taken away from them if they believe in God. They know that there are only two options: “In the beginning God created…” or billions of years ago an unobserved, impossible miracle happened and a first living cell was created spontaneously from inorganic materials. Those are the only viable choices for most people. One problem – if you know the pseudo-science behind naturalism (evolution), then the only viable option becomes, “In the beginning God created…” Nothing else makes sense.

The only thing you lose converting to Christianity is your false god – yourself. Atheists believe so highly in themselves that they elevate themselves into a position of being their own god. That can be a tough thing to lose, but as a sinful, errant, fallible human, losing this false god is only logical. Who wants a god that’s sinful, errant and fallible – I certainly don’t. Actually, converting to Christianity provides many improvements: you are never alone or lonely, you believe in a faith and fact based God that is all powerful, all knowing and always everywhere, who cannot fail, sin or make mistakes; your sins are forgiven if you repent and accept Christ as your Lord and Savior; you have the Holy Spirit of God to help and guide you without interfering with your free will; and among many other gains, you get eternal life – lots of plusses, with no minuses.

My biggest problem with their Atheist pseudo-science, faith based belief system is that they are teaching it as “fact” in our public schools. Proselytizing and indoctrinating our children and young adults in a false science-like faith based belief system (Religion). They are doing this to our children because we, as Christians, allowed compromise in our own belief system and allowed Atheists a foothold in our school systems and media outlets. We made a horrible mistake, and now that science can unequivocally prove that evolution is physically impossible, it’s almost too late to turn this travesty around – or it may already be too late. I pray that it’s not too late.

Please know that I do not make these comments lightly. I have researched and studied and have found that operational science has proven that evolution is impossible. Therefore, the only other viable option for the myriad of life forms on Earth is, “In the beginning God created…” It’s the only possible conclusion. Please research this for yourself. Whether you are a Christian that believes in evolution or an Atheist or Agnostic, please take some time to meticulously review the following websites (use their search engine):

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