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New Age 2

This is a response to a comment about my blog, “New Age”. The following was her comment:

“God came to different cultures in a language and a way that they could understand. God is smart. Wouldn't make much sense to do it any other way. It's humans who have to have a contest about which God is the right one. God is inclusive he doesn't care which team you are on. We will all be together and understand true love and understanding one day.” (V. Miller 2017)

The Bible tells the history of mankind from the very beginning, so the God of the beginning is the God of the Bible. He is the creator and sustainer of everything. As humans ventured out on this earth they forgot about God, or felt a different god would be better, so they developed other religions that are based on human wants, needs and fears, like Hinduism which believes in many gods, Buddhism that believes we as humans are divine, Islam that believes in a blood thirsty murderous god that believes you should be decapitated if you fornicate, if you’re gay, if you speak out against Allah and many other things. All these religions are based on man’s works, “How can I please my god enough to get into Heaven, Nirvana or Paradise?” Christianity alone is a God based religion. Christ’s willing sacrifice is sufficient to save all those that came before and after Christ. People from the beginning of time looked forward in time to Jesus’ sacrifice and people now look back at Christ’s sacrifice and all are saved by “Grace through Faith”. Grace is the unmerited favor and forgiveness that is provided because we have the faith to believe that Christ’s willing sacrifice for each of us was sufficient to not only get us to Heaven, but provide direct access to God through prayer and a personal relationship with God.

God is smart, as a matter of fact; he is all knowing and present everywhere throughout time and space, so that he can be present in the past, present and future simultaneously. He sees all of time and space at once, because he exists outside of the time/space He created and within the time/space he created. Most people underestimate the vastness of the one true God. If you read and believe Genesis, which is not allegory, but true history, you can start to see where this information I provided comes from. It starts out, “In the beginning God created…” and from there Genesis explains almost all the doctrines of Christianity. So, if you decide to read the Bible, I suggest you start with Genesis, then skip to The Gospel of John, then backtrack to the Psalms and Proverbs and then start reading in Mathew and continue reading through to Revelation. But, don’t just read it, study it. If you run into things you don’t understand, please feel free to contact me. You can also get Lee Strobel’s books “The Case for Christ” and “The Case for Christianity” or if you see what you think might be discrepancies in the Bible, look up the book, “The Big Book of Bible Difficulties”. The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God, written by God through men, so that we could know our history and know our God.

Please understand that the New Age, or Progressive or Emerging church movements are an attempt to merge all religions into a false religion of works. There primary false doctrine is that all paths lead to God if you’re a good person. Another false doctrine is to work your way into heaven. Do this, that and the other and you might get into heaven. Christianity is an “already done” religion that lets us know that Christ’s sacrifice was sufficient and I can know beyond a shadow of a drought that I will go to Heaven, not because I say so, but because God says so in His Holy Word, the Bible. I can know I’m going to heaven because, I admitted that I am a sinner, I confessed my sins, I believed that Christ Jesus died for me, then rose again on the third day after his death, and 40 days later ascended into Heaven in front of 3 eyewitnesses, and is now in Heaven. Other than accepting God’s free gift of salvation, the rest is all about what God already did and what He promised and He always keeps his promises.

I hope this helped. I really do want to see you in Heaven. Please write if you have other thoughts or questions. Have a blessed day.

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