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Burden on My Heart

I have a burden on my heart. While I love all people as potential Christians, I must also say that this avalanche of homosexuality and transgender nonsense is truly burdening me. I want everyone to know the LORD and scripture the way I do. Even though I'm still not done learning, I do know a lot. If they could understand my heart, knowledge, and motivation, they could shed these lifestyles and serve God. Further, they are lifestyles. People are not born homosexual or with a desire to cross-dress. According to every biological, physiological, and psychological peer-reviewed study, these lifestyles are learned behavior due to childhood trauma or personal choice. They have nothing to do with biology. Any behavior that you can learn, you can unlearn.

My Primary Burden

My primary burden for homosexuals and transgender people is that they will never enter heaven. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Deuteronomy 22:5. These verses provide God's prohibition on homosexuality and cross-dressing. So, clearly, this behavior already existed when the Bible was written, and God condemned the behavior. God never changes, so these behaviors are still condemned as sins. Since these behaviors are sins, they will keep you out of heaven unless you repent and no longer indulge in them. Please remember that there is a big difference between an accidental sin and a willful unrepentant sin. In the latter, you know you are sinning but refuse to stop. You cannot enter heaven if you willfully sin. I feel that you are not a Christian if you can purposefully sin and have no remorse or regret. If you are not a Christian, you cannot enter heaven.

Secondary Burden

My secondary burden is the delusion these homosexuals and transgender people are weaving for themselves. There is male and female and no other genders. If a person believes otherwise, they are in a delusional state requiring correction. They must maintain a constant lie. Homosexuals must tell themselves that their body is compatible with a person of the same gender, but clearly, they are not. Transgender people must believe that cross-dressing is normal or they were born into the wrong gender. But clearly, their gender was assigned by God. These delusions and lies are unhealthy and sinful.

Some call themselves Gay or Trans Christians, but what is that saying? It is identifying them with their unrepentant sin and Christianity at the same time. It would be like saying - I'm an adulterous or fornicating, or murderous Christian. It just doesn't work because you cannot simultaneously identify with unrepentant sin and Christianity. You can't serve God and serve your sin at the same time. You can either stay in your sin and serve yourself. Or you can repent of your sin and serve God. There can be no overlap or combination. These things are not logically compatible. This concept is true regardless of the sin you are committing.


If homosexuals or transgender people refuse to repent of their sins, they will not see heaven. If fornicators refuse to repent of their sins, they will not see heaven. If murderers refuse to repent of their sins, they will not see heaven. This concept covers every sin. If you willfully refuse to repent of any type of sin, you will not see heaven. Only repentant sinners saved by grace through their faith in Christ alone are saved and heaven bound. This truth is an irrefutable fact based on Biblical scripture. I pray that all unrepentant sinners will repent and trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

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