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CLI North Carolina Event

The CLI North Carolina Event on 22 June 2019 was great. We didn’t have a great number of people in attendance, but the conversation was lively, the hospitality was great, and the organizer was sweet and wonderful. CLI is Christian Leaders Institute and you can get free Christian training from them. They also provide events like this one that you can attend in order to be recognized for your CLI education achievements and have fellowship with other students of CLI. In this article, I’ll discuss my view of the event.

CLI North Carolina Event Location

The location of the CLI North Carolina Event was Good Sheperd Church, 13110 Moss Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273. Their website is and it is a truly impressive church. When I first arrived, I noticed the beautifully kept campus and the size of the church. It wasn’t huge, but it was very big and attractive. It was also easy to find and the traffic in the area was reasonable. The location geographically is in southwest Charlotte near the South Carolina border.

Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.”  

John 10:11

The Good Sheperd Church is very active in their community and in global missions.

Our CLI North Carolina Event Location Host

When I made my way into the church, I walked up the stairs to the classrooms and heard someone speaking so I followed the voices. I walked into the classroom and asked if I was at the CLI Even location and they said yes and introduced themselves. I met the CLI Representative Morgan Edwards, who is an energetic and sweet young lady. I also met our host, Wayne Hobson, the Congregational Care Pastor at Good Shepherd Church. He is a very kind, friendly, and intelligent man. I really liked him. He spoke my language – the Bible! I love talking to people who have not only read the Bible but have studied it. Wayne is definitely the kind of guy I could trust as a learned colleague and friend. He gave us a tour of the facility and it is impressive.

The CLI North Carolina Event

First, let me apologize because I’m very bad at retaining names. We were scheduled to have 20 in attendance, but only I and two others showed up. They were a very nice couple that I enjoyed a meal with and lively conversation, but I can’t remember their names. I think her name was Linda – I think? Anyway, it was a meager showing but we had great discussions ate a simple meal of Sub Sandwiches and chips and then listened to Morgan’s testimony and presentation. Then each of us also shared our testimony. We prayed for our event, meal, and a special object of prayer and had a great time of fellowship.

CLI North Carolina Event Conclusion

When we were finished with the CLI North Carolina Event we said our goodbyes and parted ways. I really enjoyed the event. I wish more would have attended, but with today’s busy lifestyles, I guess we were lucky we had 3 out of 20. With our host, Wayne, and our presenter, Morgan, we had a meeting of 5 people. Was it worth the 2 hour and 15-minute drive – Yes! So I hope they have another event soon. I loved the fellowship!

Christian Leaders Instatute

CLI is doing a great job and providing outstanding college level training to anyone that wants it – free of charge. It doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks, Morgan and Wayne – I Love and appreciate you!

For More information about Christian Learders Institute, please visit Free Stuff – Free Christian Courses.

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