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Plato the Great Reset and the New World Order

The philosophy of Plato, the Great Reset, and the New World Order all go hand in hand. The aberrant ideas of the Great Reset, which is pushing the New World Order, are not new. Plato, from about 429–347bc also had these same abhorrent ideas. These ideas were also perpetuated by Aristotle and Seneca and led to the atrocities perpetrated by Hitler, Marx, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others. Modern perpetrators of these ideas include many of the world’s elites, including Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Clintons, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and others. So, what were Plato’s utopia-seeking beliefs?

Plato’s Republic (Quote from David Fedes)

“Plato’s Republic, his most influential book, introduced the idea of philosopher-kings. Plato wrote the Republic about 24 centuries ago, but it raises ideas that have affected history and that still haunt us today. Plato taught the salvation of society through education and government action. Plato wanted the higher classes of people to do away with marriage, family, and private property. In an ideal State, he said, the best children would be raised and educated not by their own father and mother but by the State as a whole. Upper class women would focus more on politics and military action than on raising their own children. Plato praised homosexual relationships between youths and older men. He said men and women could have sex with whomever they please, so long as they got rid of unwanted babies. Plato said that it’s necessary for government to tell some major lies in order to rule the lower classes properly. And he taught these things, mind you, to show what an ideal society, based on justice and reason, would look like.”

Plato the Great Reset and the New World Order

Plato felt that the ideal leader of any society and ultimately the world would be a philosopher-king. The Bible agrees and shares that this world leader will be known as the Antichrist. Unfortunately, he will not be a savior of our society but a destroyer. He will not bring a utopia but false hope that ends in a horrifying genocide. Education and intellectual pursuits will be relegated to the elites, and the rest of society will be kept uneducated and relegated to heavy labor serving the elite class. Preparations for this Antichrist led society are underway today, and you can see it in the events we are experiencing today.

Marriage, the Nuclear Family, and Private Property

Both the Great Reset and the New World Order nonsense advocate dissolving the nuclear family and having the State, or in other words, the government raising your children. More specifically, the children of the upper class. The lower class shouldn’t even be allowed to breed. This idea led to the decrease of the world population prescribed by the New World Order and published on the Georgia Guidestone. The New World Order and Georgia Guidestone prescribe decreasing the world population to under 500 million people. One way of eliminating the surplus population is by restricting births and killing babies. Another way is to encourage euthanasia and suicide in the elderly, all of which are advocated by the New World Order. Finally, we come to personal property. On their web page, the advocates of the New World Order state that “you will own nothing and be happy.” The Bible, on the other hand, repeatedly advocates for the accumulation and use of personal property. Exodus 20:15. “Thou shalt not steel.” presumes that people own something that can be stolen. Genesis 49:32, Exodus 20:17, Leviticus 25:10, Deuteronomy 19:14, Jeremiah 32:12, Matthew 27:7, Acts 7:16. I advocate obeying the Bible.

Plato the Great Reset and the New World Order Sins

Plato also advocated homosexuality, fornication, and adultery. These sins further degrade the family and morals. God clearly condemns these sins as abominations. Those that say “love conquers all” fail to absorb the whole counsel of God and realize that slogans cannot change the reality of sin. Sin is a sin – yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but the sins of homosexuality, fornication, and adultery destroy the very fabric of our families and communities. These sins, if unrepented, will send you to hell. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Plato the Great Reset and the New World Order Atrocities

There have been over Two Billion abortions performed over the past 45 years, but it didn’t start 45 years ago. People have been aborting babies throughout history. They have also been committing infanticide throughout history. This murder is true of the Greeks of Plato’s day, the Romans, Canaanites, Babylonians, Assyrians, Eskimos, Chinese, and many more. The Greeks of Plato’s era would leave deformed or unwanted babies out in the elements to die of exposure and dehydration. Today, even in the United States, there is a push to allow parents to kill their babies up to 18 months after birth. The billions that have died without even having a chance to grow up and contribute to society constitutes a disastrous atrocity of Biblical proportions.

Plato the Great Reset and the New World Order Lies

Plato also advocated telling lies to the lower-class people to rule over them successfully. We see these lies throughout world history, but we can also clearly see them today. I will not start listing the liars in our government and other governments worldwide because I would end up with a vast monstrous list. Suffice it to say that we are being lied to about every aspect of our society, environment, and relationships with other nations. All of this is straight out of Plato’s handbook of leadership principles. It’s disgusting that our leadership is continuing Plato’s nonsense.

Plato the Great Reset and the New World Order

Plato, leaders throughout history, and today’s elites are pushing this Great Reset leading to a New World Order. Unfortunately, this New World Order is not Biblical and benefits only a hand full of people. The rest of the people will be relegated to a meager existence of servitude where they “own nothing and are yet happy.” Not because they are actually happy, but because they are ordered to be content with the scraps off the tables of the rich.

Fortunately, all those that are Christians will be raptured off this crazy world before all this doom and gloom transpires. We will have to endure some of it, but the worst parts are for those that refuse to believe and be born again into the Kingdom of God by faith in Jesus as their Savior and Redeemer. I’m calling on Christians everywhere to reject this Great Reset and the evil New World Order that follows. Seek the straight and narrow path that Jesus has set before us.

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