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Replacement Theology and the Evil of Allegorical Interpretation

There is a plague throughout Christendom concerning Replacement Theology and the Evil of Allegorical Interpretation of scripture. This replacement theology is not new but is actually quite ancient. It dates back to at least the second century. As the Church lost its Jewish roots, it quickly turned on the Jews. Christian writers produced anti-Semitic writing proclaiming the Jews “Christ-killers.” As the centuries passed by, the anti-Semitic rhetoric continued, and more recently, this rhetoric has become anti-Zionist. All of this nonsense culminates in a supernatural hatred of the Jews, as directed by Satan himself. Satan, who has been trying to exterminate the Jews, starting his quest in the Garden of Eden. When you look at the vicious savagery perpetrated on the Jews throughout history, you can see how much they are hated, yet they survive. You can also see their current prosperity, attesting to God’s love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Replacement Theology

The phrase replacement theology is the ridiculous notion that the Church has replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people. I say ridiculous because just a cursory reading of the Bible reveals God’s love for Israel as God’s chosen people. The Jew Jesus and his Jewish Apostles were the starters of the faith, and we as gentile Christians were grafted into the Church that Christ and His Apostles started. So, why are so many in the Church teaching this aberrant belief? Because they feel that God has abandoned Israel. But this cannot be true as attested by Paul in Romans chapters 9-11. And in Romans 3:1-4. When Paul rhetorically questions the importance of the Jews, he answers himself. “God forbid:” Because the Jews are crucial, especially concerning end-time prophecy.

God is Not Done with Israel

  • Israel is a tiny country, yet it is spoken of daily in the news.

  • Israel has one of the most powerful militaries in the world.

  • Israel has won recent wars against its aggressive neighbors against all the odds.

  • Israel went from being a scattered people to a nation in one day, as prophesied in Isaiah 66:8.

  • Israel has prospered and has become the breadbasket of the region as prophesied in Isaiah 35:1.

  • And the list goes on, demonstrating that God is not, nor will He ever be, done with Israel and the Jews. They have not been replaced.

The Evil of Allegorical Interpretation

Throughout Bible prophecy, which makes up about 30 percent of Biblical scripture, God’s prophecies have come true literally. The allegorical interpretation of scripture tries to take all the current and future predictions and renders them as allegory. In other words, symbolic, including all of the prophecies of the book Revelation. The problem with that is that it is horribly inconsistent. If the prophecies that have already come true have been fulfilled literally (and they have been), then the present and future prophecies must be fulfilled literally, too. To arbitrarily allegorize portions of scripture, yet interpret other parts literally is not consistent. So, the latest trend is to allegorize the whole of scripture. The problem with this is that you can make scripture say whatever you want.

So, as an errant fallible human, you postulate a doctrine, and then you mine the scriptures for nuggets of (out of context) scripture to press forward your false doctrine. This false doctrine is the evil portion of allegorical interpretation because you can build your own false doctrine and spread it to your followers. This false doctrine has the potential of sending many people to eternal damnation. But these false teachers don’t care because they have allegorized heaven and hell too! It’s crazy, and again, inconsistent.

Replacement Theology and the Evil of Allegorical Interpretation

These “theologians” may argue the following lies:

  • Heaven is a picture of an ideal place, not a real place. Many religions have a similar perfect place, so all religions are equally valid in their psychological need for an ideal place to reside after death.

  • Satan is not real; he is an allegory concerning the evil that dwells within each person.

  • The Lake of Fire is not a real place, but the symbolic idea of punishment for the wrongs we do so we must work to improve ourselves.


All of these and other allegorical abominations lead people from the truth to lies. It leads people down the path to destruction. As Christians, we must interpret the Bible consistently and according to proper context, and the appropriate interpretation of the genre the Bible book presents. These allegorical interpretations have led to replacement theology because it strips the truth from prophecy and replaces it with symbolic nonsense. The Jews are vilified as Christ-killers. This vilification leads people to disregard the role of Jews and Israel in future events. It casts the Church as the savior of humanity. This idea is humanism—the elevation of humans to the top of the food chain. So, humans become the deity, and Christ is allegorized into a wise teacher but little more.

Yet, these false teachers still use all the terminology of Christians and become the face of “Christianity.” Professing Christ, even though they do not know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Do Not accept Replacement Theology and the Evil of Allegorical Interpretation, especially if you’re a pastor, teacher, or evangelist.

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