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Transfigured to Serve

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My book should be ready in days. I sent in the last correction this morning. I just need to approve the final manuscript and within a couple of weeks it should be ready and available to buy. It will have three versions: hard cover, soft cover and e-book and will be available at WestBow press and Barns and Noble – not sure about Amazon - but I’ll keep you informed.

We as Christians are called to serve our Lord. We are called to serve here on Earth and we will also serve in Heaven. What we do here will determine what we do their and during the Millennial Reign, and on the new Earth that God creates for us.

If you think your service to the Lord today doesn’t mean anything after you enter Heaven, your mistaken. Our service to the Lord here on Earth will be rewarded in Heaven. Some say that it doesn’t matter, because they think all of the transfigured saints will be equal, but that’s not what the Bible says. Those that serve Him selflessly on Earth will be more greatly rewarded in Heaven and have greater responsibility and honor. That doesn’t mean that you seek rewards on Earth – as Paul would say – “May it never be!” We should have all our attention and focus on Heaven, serving diligently with the Kingdom of Heaven in our hearts and minds. Let’s face it; the only thing that matters here on this Earth is leading people to Christ, so that the Holy Spirit of God can reap the harvest. God doesn’t want anyone to fail to get to Heaven and our job is to spread the Word.

My book explores one possible version of what we can expect in Heaven. It explores the differences that will be manifest for those that just “road a pew” or sat at home doing little for the Lord, and those that diligently and faithfully served our Lord. As my pastor Delmar says; “we won’t just have a cabin in the corner of Heaven, we’ll have a mansion.” Those seeking entry into heaven for just a “cabin in the corner” are not seeking the Kingdom of Heaven in the proper spirit. They will receive a mansion, although it may very well be in a distant corner of Heaven.

Seeking rewards on Earth is sinful and proud, but seeking rewards in Heaven is good and appropriate, because in order to seek those rewards you must serve the Lord with all your heart and strength, which is exactly what we are called to do.

All Praise, Honor and Glory to our Risen Lord, Jesus!

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