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When you’re a self-published writer you never know exactly how many of your books have been sold. The royalties are very small and insignificant compared to the publishing and advertising costs. I actually doubt that I’ll ever break even, but that’s okay. I’m not writing for my own edification (although it is edifying), I’m writing to share information about Christ and the Bible. I’m not writing to bring honor and glory to myself, I’m writing to praise, honor and glorify my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. If it wasn’t for my love for my Lord, I would probably stop writing and return to my first love, woodworking (I still woodwork, but to a lesser degree).

Writing takes a great deal of time, effort and research, and while I’ll continue writing for my Lord, I wonder if anyone is reading my Books and Blogs. I’m curious about what people think about my writing. Please take some time to read some of my work and comment back to me about what you think. I don’t care if it’s a great review or a horrible review, but please share your thoughts. Please send your thoughts to or go to my Facebook page and leave a message

You could also go to, Barns & or my publisher’s websites and leave a review. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

King David: ISBN # 9781628397093

Transfigured To Serve: ISBN # 9781490841199

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