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Discipleship a Necessity for Every Church

New converts and our children should learn what we Christians believe because it is essential. The instruction should be systematic and based on orthodoxy. Unfortunately, discipleship is one of the last things that churches think about and practice. This neglect has raised a generation or possibly more Biblically illiterate generations. They are also spiritually ungrounded and ebb and flow with new doctrines from mankind and Satan as opposed to the doctrines of the Bible and God. This lack of knowledge makes wishy-washy Christians that are often indistinguishable from non-Christians but are overtly spiritual in church. True Christians are the same everywhere they are and always seek God’s will. Biblical literacy and doctrinal understanding are accomplished through discipleship. Discipleship is a Necessity for Every Church.

C.H. Spurgeon once said about the importance of the Catechism

(From the Greek word katēchēsō, which means “instruct” or “teach”)

“In matters of doctrine you will find orthodox congregations frequently change to heterodoxy in the course of thirty or forty years, and it is because too often there has been no catechizing of the children in the essential doctrines of the Gospel. For my part, I am more and more persuaded that the study of a good Scriptural catechism is of infinite value to our children. Even if the youngsters do not understand all the questions and answers… still yet, abiding in their memories, it will be of infinite service when the time of understanding comes, to have known these very excellent, wise and judicious definitions of the things of God.”

* Spurgeon specifically addressed our need to teach children, but his statement also applies to new converts to Christianity. *

Discipleship a Necessity for Every Church

Our children need to learn Christian Doctrine over time. Likewise, we cannot expect new Christians to try to comprehend the entirety of scripture when first saved. They must receive the “milk” of the Gospel before moving on to the “meat.” This instruction is where a systematic discipleship program is essential for every new convert and every father or mother as they teach their children. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” An uninformed new convert or child cannot follow God’s will entirely and accurately until they have proper instruction.

The Baptist Catechism

The Baptist Catechism is a series of questions and answers with Biblical scripture references. Over the next few weeks, I plan to provide a discipleship program using the Baptist Catechism as a guide. I will provide and expound upon each question and answer to provide the doctrine and further explain why it is an essential doctrine for any Christian. These doctrines apply to all Christian denominations, not just Baptists. So, if you’re not Baptist, you will still glean a better understanding of what is required of you as a Christian.

Discipleship a Necessity for Every Church and the Baptist Catechism

You can learn more about the Baptist Catechism by visiting my Baptist Catechism page. You can also find the Catechism in its entirety at The Baptist Catechism.

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